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The links below will lead you to some very beautiful poems on the lifestyle. This section contains all poems and prose that have been submitted to the site (with the exception of abuse related poetry which can be found on the Healing Abuse page).

Please feel free to submit your own writings to be added to this page by emailing below or by clicking HERE and filling out the submission form, using the email button below or sending an email to webmaster@leatherNroses.com. Please include copyright information (author name and year work first created) so the proper copyright can be displayed on the page and if the work is not yours, include an email address of the author so I can request permission to use the work. No work will be placed on the site without permission from the original author.

To all who volunteered their words, we thank you for allowing us to publish them on our site and for sharing your thoughts with us.


Thoughts For A Dom: Don Vance  Pleasure Dance Raven Shadowborne  As I Sit Here: Cheryl 
 Yours Till The End: Cheryl   Caught In A Labyrinth: Zenn  Little One: Mistress Diane
 Sweet Pain: Raven Shadowborne  Free By Mollena Dream Weaver Sabryna 
A Day Of  No Choices by: Cindy In The Eyes Of My Soul: jasmine2_DH   Master-Thirty by: slave lynn marie
Promises By: Sabryna  Kajira By Sabryna  Friends Without Faces Unknown Author 
Being Submissive: By Raven Shadowborne  I Will: Shelley Kuhlman  Words Of Seduction: Jerry D 
slavery is/not: slave david stein, under the Guardianship  of Master Steve Sampson © 1998 

In Memory Of Master Rick: Raven Shadowborne

My Gift To You, Janus: subrina 
 Please Me: Joy   Master Of Seduction: Janus-s_subrina  Silence: Lorraine Casey 
Marquis De Sade: Lorraine Casey  You Are: Lorraine Casey  Your Flame: Lorraine Casey 
To Be My Master's Slave: {sonja}JP  A Letter From A Paddle: flower Calling Your Name: Aylissa Cair 
Soulgiver: neeq  Beloved: Toran's Soft  The Paradox Of Fate: CAKarrer 
The Agony & Ecstacy Of You: Sunflower Need: bella My Cage (Poem): Dee
A Slave's Lament: Raevenne Passion: angel Two: angel
My Comfy Recliner: Mistress Noir Glace A Mistress's Lament: Mistress Noir Glace Anticipation: Bo
Wish You Were Here: Bo Bound: Bo The Voice: Bo
The Rose and The Thorn: Lorraine Casey Seduction: Bo

Master No More: SirWolfr1

Tears: SirWolfr1 The Collar: SirWolfr1 The Master's Touch: SirWolfr1
The Dance: SirWolfr1 The Worth Of A Slave: SirWolfr1 Passion's Flame: SirWolfr1
I Dream Of You: Bo The Song; A Master's Lament: Bo She Knows: Bo
The Journey (or Exchanging Gifts): Bo Feel Me: Bo She: Bo
My Reason: His_Rhyme Could You? Would You?: Bo Of Masters and Slaves: Bo
Bound To You: kerinbrat In The Arms Of A Dragon: tj It Is Only For Him: kit`iara{^G}
My Heart: kit`iara{^G} Pure Punishment: Barbara Callison Gifts: tory
My Oath To My Master: Barbara The Branding: Mara Make Me: Jenny
Master's Kiss: Master Redhawke's lilone Circle Of Eternity: pojack04  You: David Socha
Suspense: simoriah Dreamer: Sammie Bound: Sammie
Agression: Sammie The Pain She Knew: ChocletRN When Trust Is Broken: ChocletRN
Submission: Selina Shadowborne    




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