A Mistress's Lament

Author: Mistress Noir Glace ©


I heard him calling me.

And answered, because it amused me to do so.

Strong dominant male seeking

Wondering if he’d found it in me.

Suggestively I obliged.

He yielded most sweetly.

Eager in his Sub-restraint

Hard, full, pulsing and head wet.

Reposed in anticipation, for his ravishment.

Rightfully, I obliged.

Man of timid intentions.

Wanting to hand over his control

But with limited concerns.

Coyly offered to me, his Sub-virginity.

Intentionally I obliged.

For he had come seeking

And in his desire to be

Found me awakening

Being released from my dormant sleep

Aggressively, I obliged.

Frightened, by his needs

He balked, and attempted retreat.

My advance was certain and sure

Dominant beast within was in full reign.

Forcefully, I obliged.

He accepted paddled caresses

I adorned him in striped buttocks and thighs.

Reddened tip, kissed with pearled essence

Welcomed my open palm’s sharp introduction.

Repeatedly, I obliged.

I the possessor of his will and honor

Danced strap and crop with a painter’s skill.

Staining his pale skin,

To the music of his moans and his entreaty.

Masterfully, I obliged.

He thirsted, begging me for drink.

Supplicant before his mistress.

Wanting to be quenched by my golden waters.

Which splashed into his waiting mouth and over his dry tongue.

Rightfully, I obliged.

And when the night was done

Checkerboard patterns lay across his back.

Loving colors of red, pink, and black

Interspersed becoming a rainbow testament of my devotion.

He begs my discharge, and as his mistress

I oblige.






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