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As i sit here waiting for You, my thoughts turn to as yet untraveled paths
i think with anticipation of the things that are to come
Fidgeting, squirming, blushing.
I think of how I want to touch You, and to have You touch me,
I want to place my head upon Your heart and listen to Your life
Beating, to place Your hand upon my heart
and let You feel how
My heart beats for You.
I want to touch Your face with my lips
Trailing tiny kisses over cheeks and brow, blowing hotly on Your neck,
Whispering soft words of my
Submission to You.
my willingness to serve only You.
I wish to gaze upon Your breasts seeing them
In all their glory.
Worshipping them with my eyes, trembling, holding breath, awaiting
Your permission
To caress them softly with loving hands and tongue.
I long to run fingers slowly down the length of You,
Showing You with my soft touch
How much reverence I hold for You,
The Lady who is my Mistress who owns all that this girl is.
I ache to be able to place lips to the very
Center of You,
Tasting all that You are,
My owner, my disciplinarian,
my protector, my lover.
I wish to trail lips to place soft kisses down Your legs,
Showing You the appreciation in which You are held.
Tongue slipping out to gently dance along Your foot,
first one, to the other.
Letting You see my devotion to You, the gratefulness
A girl feels to have been chosen to serve
One such as You.
Raising eyes to Yours brightly shining with adoration
As I now kneel at Your feet, feeling as though I have
Come home.
Knowing somewhere deep inside
That this is as it should be.
Kneeling , arching my back and dropping head back
bare flesh of my neck exposed, breasts pushed out, both in
silent offering to You.

Feeling my heartbeat speed up as I feel Your eyes run over me,
Possessively, both knowing the girl is offering
More than just her flesh.
My arms raising to stroke fingers over thighs,
Running up belly, softly lingering them nestled
between my breasts
gathering those things that are buried there, feeling them
softly glowing, warm on my fingers, moving slowly upwards
now placing fingers softly on my
forehead gathering what is there to then lift arms out
fingers gently cupping what they have
taken up from myself.
Arms held out to You, slowly uncapping fingers
Letting you see what it is that I am
Holding out so tenderly to You.
Trembling as I offer these most sacred parts of myself to You,
Knowing instinctively that You will care for them
And help them to grow.
As I sense Your eyes on these most precious of gifts,
I lift my head to raise glistening eyes to Yours,
Feeling the light weight of my offerings: my body, my heart,
Soul, and my mind,
Their essence still on my fingers, watching You
Intently as You gather them up so gently,
A soft smile on Your lips.
A feeling of relief so profound it draws
A slight gasp from my lips, as I see You accept the gifts,
secure in the knowledge that You will care for them.
Each knowing the cost and the worth
Of these which I place in Your care, of the hard battles fought within
To be able to give them to You
Without holding anything back.
As I feel Your fingers twine
Firmly in my hair, I hear Your whispered words
“are you sure?”
Your grip firm pulling my head up our eyes lock
Each looking deeply and intensely into the others.
Each seeking answers and finding them
In each other,
one gaze fiery and intent, the other burning and submissive

Feeling You lift me up by my hair, pulling me
Into You.
Your lips hotly branding on mine.
I feel my senses reeling, spinning , lost
And out of control. I lean into You weakly as
Your hands roam over Your property
touching every part of me that
now belongs to You.
Blushing as You encounter my wetness
My nipples hardening at Your touch, body
Responding and answering
Its calling to You.
I am Yours, I know it
And You know it. Yours in all that I am ,
Heart , mind, body, and soul,
Trembling as I feel so overcome with both
Joy and happiness, eyes glistening brighter
As the full weight of Your ownership
Settles over me.
I know that You will take me where
This girl has never gone.
I shiver with anticipation and need,
and yes a touch of fear there as well.
Envisioning the sweet torment of Your whips and chains,
Floggers and crops, all frightening,
Yet strangely eagerly wanted,
Aware that these will show me, teach me,
and guide me deeper in my submission to You,
they awaken deep hidden passions within myself.
As You knowingly look and interpret my thoughts
I feel myself blushing deeper,
So hungry for this, eager, and a little frightened,
Moaning softly as You trail a crop
Over my flesh goose bumps rising over my flesh
Trembling, shaking with my need.
I want this, I want it so badly
Scared of it at the same time, looking at You I place
All my trust in You confident that
You will keep me safe.
And as the crop leaves a stinging mark
Upon my tender thigh,
I feel myself tense, unsure afraid.
Feeling You restrain both my arms and legs,
Soothing me with Your touch.

Under Your caress I feel myself relaxing once more
Tentatively letting myself feel,
The blows coming harder and faster upon my flesh
No part of me left unmarked,
my screams filling my ears
unheeded by You, falling on deaf ears as
You know me even better than I do myself.
Placing Your fingers
On my trembling inner thighs, touching the
Wetness, the proof of my need, and as You bring Your
Fingers up for me to see,
Softly touching them to my hungry lips.
I inhale deeply taking a shaky breath
To suck gently on Your fingers,
Tasting myself on You I moan softly raising eyes to Yours
My eyes softly begging for “more”.
Again You ask, “Are you sure?”
I take a deep breath and raise my eyes to Yours
Letting You see all that is there, “Yes Lady, this girl is sure
Her flesh is Your flesh to mark as You please, her soul longs for this,
her mind is aware ,
and her heart embraces all this Lady, and more”
My eyes beg for You to see and to
Understand all that is there in her softly spoken words.
A catch in my voice as they are said
With such feeling, a sob escaping as I feel Your
Gentle touch on my face.
Crooning to me softly
“Yes I do understand”.
As I gaze upon You I feel a lone tear
Escape feeling its wet trail upon my cheek,
Knowing how hard I have tried
To keep it inside,
Knowing now that that You want my tears.
They , the last I have been holding back. I watch You silently as
Your eyes follow the tear as it rolls
Down my cheek
Seeing You lean in close and with a soft fingertip
Take up the tear to hold it up,
Letting me see the dampness on Your finger,
both seeing the proof of my tears. Watching as You smile
and step back once more.
Body now in flames as You continue once more, taking up
First one of Your many toys,

Then another.
I can no longer keep track of what
is now being used on my body, aching,
screaming out at the pain, I listen to the sobs being
wrenched from my throat.
Suddenly feeling a new and exquisite pain
entering into my consciousness.
Raising head which has long since
Fallen forward, soft moans escaping from parched lips
Stretched, aching from my screams.
I see a bright glint on my breast followed by a crimson stain,
Slowly dripping, and I know I can no longer hold inside
what has been fighting fiercely to be set free.
Frame stretched tautly, held up
Only by its bindings,
My tears now fall freely, running unchecked down cheeks
Mesmerized by the red tears falling from my breast,
another glint,
and more blood tears fall from my other breast,
body glistening with a sheen of sweat,
beads of sweat form at my brow
as my whole being cries for You and gives You all my tears,
trembling, shaking, knowing that my last defense
has been given freely over to You.
I raise tear-streaked face and eyes still teary
To look at You deeply,
Gasping as I watch You place Your lips to drink
From the blood tears I have shed for You,
Dizzying emotions fill my head and I sense
More tears falling from my eyes ,
Watching as You lift Your head from my breasts, seeing Your lips
Stained red with my blood.
Widening eyes as I see You lock gazes with mine,
We stare at each other a moment
Deeply, intensely as You bring Yourself closer to me
Letting tongue trail softly along my cheeks,
I know I am undone when You place lips to mine
Your tongue thrusting deeply inside me,
Letting me taste the gifts of my tears
In my submission to You.
As we both share the coppery delicacy
mingled with the sweet saltiness of my tears,
I know there is no going back,

That this is my destiny, and a part of me
Knew this all along.
I can see in Your eyes that You knew it as well,
but had given me this chance to come into full awareness on my own,
to know the complete meaning of my submission to You
surrendering every part of myself to You,
and to know that it was fated to be this way.
I feel fresh tears now roll down my cheeks as I moan softly,
Complete in my knowledge,
Trembling at the enormity of it,
Feeling myself falling sprawled on the floor
At Your feet as You slowly
Undo my restraints.
My body is so full of pain,
Every inch marked by You,
Screaming out in it’s own silent agony,
Loud moans coming from my lips as I
instinctively crawl, drag, pull
my body to You
leaving crimson tears smeared onto the floor
gasping as I lift and raise myself up on my knees,
spreading thighs widely for You
leaning forward and placing first forehead
then cheek, and finally lips and tongue to Your boots.
Whispering softly
“Yes Lady, this girl understands, she knows , and is aware
that with the pain
comes pleasure
and that one cannot have one without the other,
she knows and is aware that in giving herself to You
it entails all of her
heart, mind, body, soul, and tears Lady.”
A soft catch to my words
As I feel myself once again overcome with emotion
Whispering softly
“Oh thank You Lady, my Mistress”
over and over again,
heartfelt gratitude in every whispered word.
Feeling You lift me and carry my pain-wracked body
to lay me down gently on a soft bed,
entwined in Your arms,
safe in Your arms,
as my tears continue to flow freely, unchecked, unheeded .

The tenderness with which You stroke me heaven sent.
There nestled in Your embrace,
held close,
so very close to the heart of You,
I listen to Your heart beating so loud,
And strong in my ears. Feeling my own frantic beats slow down,
To beat in tune with Yours
Two hearts, one beat.
I know that I have given all that I am
Even more than I had thought capable of.
I know I have exposed every shred of who I am to You,
I still feel the after shocks of having revealed myself to You,
Trembling in Your arms,
As You hold me tighter
Placing soft kisses on my eyes,
tasting my tears once again,
savoring them.
I know You know what I am feeling
And I know everything will be ok,
safe comforted in Your strength, bodies molded tightly to one another,
for I know that by my surrender to
my submission to You,
You will cherish me and the gifts I have given freely to You
Knowing how dearly it cost me to be able to give to You,
Trusting in You
Believing in You…






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