The Dance

Author: SirWolfr1 ©

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Used With Author's Permission



A lonely submissive slowly climbed the stairs
And unto her computer did go
Her movements were slow and filled with pain
Her limbs were stiff and slow

She eased herself into the chair
And tried wisely not to cry out
As her abused flesh did protest and rage
From this latest D/s bout

He had claimed to be a Master
She knew him now to be nothing of the kind
He had weaved his lies so skillfully,
And she wondered, "Could time ease this pain of heart and mind?"

Not just the pain of battered flesh
She knew, in a few days that would fade
But the pain in her soul, the shattered trust
The mockery of everything she held dear that he had made.

She remembered her ex-husbands words
How he had told her that she was sick
And how she had trusted once her dearest friend
Who then told her this was a disease that she could lick.

She thought how at work, she stood so tall
When what she really wanted to do was kneel
And how men would ask her for a date
Never understanding how she did truly feel.

"I know he is out there" she thought to herself
As she typed her password in
Not a sadist, or an abuser, but an honest man.
One who would understand the passons I hold within.

She knew that the hunt would soon go on
She knew what she had to find
He was out there somewhere...a proud strong Dom
Who would understand her heart, soul and mind.

One who would control her,
and yet would not abuse such trust
One to whom she could serve as a loving slave.
And who would not be overcome by his lust.

One to whom she could bend her knee
And not be seen the lesser for
One who would hold her, and mold her and make her his
And under whose boot, she could soar.

He who would understand this burning need
That made her different from the rest
One who would hold her, stroke her and make her feel safe
Even if she failed his test

"A man like that is worth the any cost"
She thought to herself, deep within her mind
What is broken flesh, or promises and trust
If such a Master I can find.

One who can fill my days with happiness
And fill my nights with passon and with love...
One who would make me crawl beneath His boots
Or soar in the stars above?

Someday I will find Him
Someday his collar shall I feel
Only then can this hurt be over
As in pride before him I do kneel.

And somewhere...not all that far away
There before a computer screen
A Master read a profile
And well understood what the words did mean

For he knew that he was a Hunter
and that was yet the hunted, all in one.
He reached his hand out to his mouse and smiled,
As once again, the dance began

"Perhaps this one" he thought to himself
As he entered the command
"Not a gamer or liar, a head case or whore
But one who will, with honesty kneel before me where I stand."

One who would take that which I would give
And give that which I would take.
She with the yen to match my yang
Within each a thirst for the other to drink.

And so even now, the game goes on
Where Hunter and hunted are one
A dance of love and respect, of passion and trust,
With each other, something wonderful begun

Copyright © May 2, 1999
All right reserved






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