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Article or Change Made Author Date Added
Submission (poetry) Selina Shadowborne April 29, 2008
Fear and Submission (submission) kitty tara April 29, 2008
The Pain She Knew (poetry) ChocletRN April 29, 2008
When Trust Is Broken (poetry) ChocletRN April 29, 2008
Dreamer (poetry) Sammie April 10, 2008
Bound (poetry) Sammie April 10, 2008
Agression (poetry) Sammie April 10, 2008
A Slave's Prayer Greg's little one March 4, 2007
A Captive Heart: Bastinado, The Art Of Foot Torture simoriah February 27, 2007
Suspense (poetry) simoriah February 27, 2007
Saying No...A Lesson In Personal Power and Submission BeachGurl May 13, 2010



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