My Comfy Recliner

Author: Mistress Noir Glace ©


Quite recently I acquired a new recliner.
The acquisition was done mutually
I needed one, which would provide comfort

And had looked over several diligently.

Found one which lacked the proper fit

Shaky, wobbly, erratic unsure

Hard and dry too rough on the sit

It brought me no relief and made me sore.

Another found was far too narrow

Broad based and too lax was another

It had been broken in and shaped over

By a past owner who did not wish to smother.

While one, while very good at bearing my weight

Took it upon itself to master its mate

Then one night while out on my travels

I came across this well-made lounger

It proved to be quite an apt adjustable seat

And even had an area where I could prop my feet

This chair has arms, though they’re bound and tied

This chair has legs, though splayed and spread wide

The seat is lined in supplication

Beseeching eyes, flared nostrils, and avid tongue

Bears my weight quite nicely

No matter how long I stay on

And wonder of wonder the greatest asset

Is if I’ve imbibed too much drink

I can go where I’m perched and it never gets wet

So, I’ve thrown out all the others

For what need could they now serve me?

When I now have a comfy recliner

Which not only provides a place to sit

It adjusts to my seat and then it pleasures me.






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