She Knows

Author: Bo © 2002

Used With Author's Permission





In the evening.
She is waiting.
Palms facing the sky.
Eyes half lidded,
Cast down within her sighs.
She knows me as no other.
Knows where my heart dwells.
Her breath comes quick, yet easy.
Waiting for my touch.

I lift her chin,
With helium fingers.
See within her loving eyes...........
That which I crave, like a hunger.
An emptiness,
Only she can revive.

She knows she enslaves me
With those haunting eyes.
She knows she has chained me,
Though she is bound,
Within the circle,
That is mine.

She knows that I love her.
With each knot, that is tied.
As though each one is a heartbeat.
Each sting is a lie.

Such pain is a kiss.
From lips,
That whisper her dreams
She knows she has chained me.
To her insatiable need.

Though I may be master.
She my most willing slave.
She knows each tingling cell,
Is the sea,
In which we ride the wave.

I smile within my heart.
Each time I look within her eyes.
Knowing our hearts beat,
Like two voices.
That always harmonize.

She knows that I love her.
When she's kneeling,
At my feet.
For my touch sends us reeling,
From the heat.
From the heat.

And I know that she knows.
And that's just fine by me.
I can smile with the knowing.
Cause she belongs to me.

How lucky can a Master be?

By Robert Bo Golden (C)5/15/02 AKA MythicPrince/LovngStrength





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