Marquis DeSade

Author: Lorraine Casey © 2000


In the eighteenth century a male child was born
This child was the first Sadian mind, yet he was not first
He was to be prosecuted and looked upon with scorn
In him others recognized their own dark thoughts

Perhaps the Louis le Grande was to blame
The Jesuits assembled their public whippings
Pain and humiliation brought tears of shame
 They were indulging in their dark thoughts

This child soon became a man who was to wed
He was not born of the French elite
He gained his place from his wife’s bed
From him she denied having any dark thoughts

Easter Sunday with Rose in a cottage alone
The cook rented for other domestic services
Pleasure was obtained from her screams and moans
The cat-o-nine-tail revealed his dark thoughts

Satisfaction gained from pain inflicted his desire
Even Descartes knew he existed one cold night
When he felt the pain from his feet by the hot fire
I think therefore he too had dark thoughts

He took what he wanted never considering consent
But then that was the way of men in France then
A total of twenty-seven years in jail he spent
The Magistrate had politically correct dark thoughts

Alone in a cell in the black behind iron bars
He entertained his own darkness and found
That for pain “unremarkable its impressions are”
He tried, as writers do, to express his dark thoughts

His wife’s defense shielded him with an excuse
She must have loved him or was dutiful
This is what spared him the hangman’s noose
The hangman was cheated of his dark thoughts

For years he was forced to flee from his home
Hiding for his honesty and his explanations
He tried to define what was for many unknown
The rest were well aware of their dark thoughts

The Frenchman found his dark thoughts
He acknowledged and examined them openly
An understanding was what he sought
For all of our own dark thoughts






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