Please Me

Author: Joy © 10/99


I watch as you wet the thin soft strips of leather 
my skin becoming goosefleshed in the coldness of your presence 
then I look into your eyes and I am not afraid 
I see love and trusy 
and I know I am safe. 
"Lie down." you whisper in my ear 
then playfully nibble my lobe before releasing me. 
I do as I am told. 
You stand over me 
and I shiver once again. 
Taking four of the strips 
you encircle my wrists and ankles. 
The leather is soft and wet against my skin. 
You secure the loops 
each tied tightly to a corner of the bed. 
I am vulnerable 
helpless to your every desire 
and it excites me. 
You come close to me 
slithering up between my spreading thighs. 
You lie your weight upon me 
flesh upon flesh 
your fingers intertwine with mine 
You kiss me 
your tongue forcefully parting my lips 
your mouth savagely devouring mine 
then you pull away. 
I try to follow 
my mouth hungery for more. 
But I can not reach you. 
I struggle against my constrains 
longing to touch your chest 
your mouth 
You move further away 
and I wilt with unfulfilled desire. 
But soon you are back 
towering over me once again 
a bundle of leather strips held in your hand. 
You teasingly tickle my stomache with the wet tips 
barely brushing my skin 
making tiny swirling s shapes on my skin. 
the sting of pain 
as you slash the leather whips across me. 
I wince 
tears well up in my eyes 
and spill onto my cheeks 
the welts appear instantly. 
You slash again.. . 
and again.. 
and I cry out 
with the ectasy of pain. 
My skin is set alive 
on fire with desire and pain 
I close my eyes 
and wait 
then I feel it. 
the leather... 
as it slides between my legs 
teasing me 
promises of pleasing me. 
I am your prisoner 
a prisoner to the pleasures of pain. 
Release me..release me 
please please me... 
The leather strikes my wettest desire 
hot burning desire 
Then it happens.... 
I feel your warm lips 
kissing my wounds 
licking them 
nuturing them. 
and the pleasure 
from the sheer sweet relief 
 is too much to bear. 
Your tongue 
traces the raised path of welts on my stomach
and I know your destination. 
I raise my hips 
trying to rush your journey 
but you will not be rushed. 
You trace and retrace the path 
always stopping short.... 
tease me..tease me... 
please, please me... 
Then without warning you are there. 
Your tongue 
swirling in folds of warm flesh 
your lips 
at my swollen bud 
You linger here 
at this most sensitve spot 
traveling every crease and curve 
My muscles tense 
my back arches 
the leather cuts into my skin 
Your tongue thrusts into me. 
Your hands grip my hips. 
You are buried 
in the flow of my love. 
Your mouth 
your tongue 
your lips 
your teeth 
bringing me to heights of pleasure 
only dreamt of before. 
The leather has dried 
and I am unable to move 
even slightly 
but my body convulses in waves of orgasm 
straining the very limits of my flesh 
and soul... 
An animal wail escapes from my throat 
a moan 
a growl 
a primeval howl. 
I am yours until the end of time 
your slave 
your love 
your prisoner 





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