Sweet Pain

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 1999


Suspended before you
flesh laid bare to your sight

my body open to your touch

limpid pools of smouldering lust

rendered blind by your design

flesh tingling
feeling you near

hearing your breathing

sensing your desires

our hearts beating in time

the warmth of your fingers tracing my spine
trembling with need

a whispered plea

"please Master"

body straining against itís bonds






flames of desire raging higher

an erotic journey has begun
travel to a dream realm

fantasy becomes reality

reality fades from view

a pasture of decadent pleasures

mind closing down
reasoning gone

agonizing anticipation

a whistle filling my ears

a crop slicing the air

body swaying to meet itís caress

leather bites tender flesh

raising welts with each kiss

leaving burning patches behind

two hearts beating as one
crop dancing in time

building a bonfire of need

flames raging hotter and hotter

searing my mind with animalistic desires

"yes! Master!" my mind cries

with each sharp bite

needs raging beyond my control

freeing my soul

to fly on wings of passion

through clouds of sweet pain

conscious thought lost
left floating through the raging sea of lust

free of my own body

ears deaf to my own cries

soaring ever higher

my entire being focused on you
as I dine upon forbidden fruit of lust

feeling you devouring my flesh

seeing nothing
save you

hearing nothing
save your voice

knowing nothing
save sweet pain that is your pleasure

wanting nothing
save satisfying you

screams torn from my throat
music to even my ears

lost as I am

surrounded only by you

my heart beating solely for you

darkness closes in
I know nothing

but this peace within




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