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Below you will find a selection of products made by Mizu. Due to the nature of the work, pieces are priced on a per order basis. Please contact mizu for more information and pricing. If you want a piece similar to one shown here, please include it's name in the email. Custom orders (items not shown here) can be provided for those who wish them.

These items are all handcrafted. Mizu creates each individual circle before knitting them together into chain mail. He uses many different metals, layout, and knitting possibilities. Further, the stones placed in many of the items will vary by availability. Click on an image to see a larger picture of the item, use your back button to return to this page. Pieces which have a "Show Piece" under them, are for show only so you can see the different styles mizu is capable of.



Collar/Cuff/Leash Sets




Ordering Information


Blood Stone Collar 
Blue Tooth Collar 
Dress Collar 
Neck Drape 
Single Chain 
Wide Dress Collar 
Chain Blade 1 
Show Piece
Chain Blade 2 
Show Piece
Chain Blade 3 
Show Piece
Mato 1 
Show Piece
Rapier 2 
Show Piece
Rapier 1 
Show Piece
Show Piece

Whips, Floggers, Other Toys
Flogger 1 
Flogger 2 and 3 
Flogger 4 
Available without beads and a smaller handle or 
with beads and longer handle
Suede Single Tail 
Show Piece
Show Piece

Collar/Cuff/Leash Sets
Show Piece 
A plain one can be made, price dependent upon length
Dress belt and Weapons 
Show Piece
Leash and Collar 
Round Collar And Leash 

Jewelry / Misc.
Ring Necklace 
Show Piece
Family Necklace 
Show Piece
Watch 1 
Show Piece
Watch 2 
Show Piece
Hand web 

E-mail mizu for more information, pictures, prices, etc. zuschainmail@gmail.com






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