Passion's Flame

Author: SirWolfr1 ©

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Used With Author's Permission


Raven haired...lips so sweet; On Eagles wings she soars, above the peaks
Burning so brightly in the night On bended knee, she doth take flight.

Some would look and call her weak, Soft, demure, mild or meek. But I have
seen the fire inside Where soaring stirring passions bide.

That fire is what I seek to claim. The raging soul that knows no shame The
fiery depths that few may know The raging heart where only I may go.

Upon that bended knee she gives to me Service, submission and femininity Her
collar? 'Tis no badge of shame She wears it proudly...for it bears My name.

For she has found her submission sweet See the joy in her step as she walks
down the street?
And she holds her bondage oh so dear,
A freedom found that few could bare.

She lives under collar, oar and crop. The bittersweet pleasures she would
have never to stop And she knows she could end it all in but a day,
Just hand him his collar...turn...
and walk away.

And return to that world that has no spice All fire, no ice And
this above all doth she fear to be To live with neither agony, nor ecstasy.

Oh what could be worse than to be a stray? Living...nay, by day?
She finds the collar can indeed be sweet To sit and learn at her Masters feet.

To live upon his beck and call
To kneel or stand To run or crawl.
The trust he offers she holds so dear
His honor polished, if need be,
with her tears.
To stand before the world and say... "I am His...Master, may I play?"

To take his pleasure, to take his pains,
To submit to yearn for gains. To learn the lessons that He will teach...
To stare in awe, at the heights you reach

You know the name you hold so dear Speak it now that we both may hear
So kneel and say that which you doth crave.
"Teach me O' Master...I am thy slave."

SirWolfr1 Copyright
© June 28, 1999
Reproduced with permission






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