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Presents: Erotic Fiction/Non-Fiction
Below is a list of books, in order by author, which many find erotic. They are of a fictional nature, with some non-fiction mixed in. All the books on this page can be ordered through Amazon.com by clicking on the title. 

Leather and Roses can not promise that every title is available. 

Amazon.com is a renowned online bookstore that we have used often for our book needs. In my experiences with them, their service has always been wonderful. So browse the list and see if a book you want to have can be found there. If you don't see the book you are looking for, use the search box at the bottom of this page to search the amazon.com website. 

Each book with the  in front of it is reccomended by LnR. Each book marked by the is new to the LnR bookstore, though not neccessarily newly published.

Please feel free to submit a title that you would like to see LnR offer here by clicking HERE and filling out the form. 

Thanks and happy reading!

The Story of O: Pauline Reage
The Story Of O, Volume II: Crepax et al
Return to the Chateau:  Paulien Reage
Some Women Laura Antoniou
The Academy: Tales Of The Marketplace (Marketplace Series #4) Laura Antoniou
The Slave Sara Adamson, Laura Antoniou
The Trainer Sara Adamson, Laura Antoniou
The Marketplace Sara Adamson, Laura Antoniou
The Catalyst Laura Antoniou
No Other Tribute, Erotic Tales of Women In Submission Laura Antoniou
Forbidden Passages, Writings Banned In Canada: Pat Califia
Macho Sluts Pat Califia
Melting Point, Collection of Erotic Short Stories Pat Califia
Doing It for Daddy : Short Sexy Fiction About a Very Forbidden Fantasy Pat Califa 
No Mercy Pat Califa 
The Code Pat Califa (Not yet published, Reserve Your Copy now!) 
 Hunters Of Gor:  John Norman
Once Bitten Adrian Hunter
Something Just Clicked Adrian Hunter
Crash Your Party Dress Adrian Hunter
Marauders Of Gor:  John Norman
Tribesmen Of Gor John Norman
Assasins Of Gor John Norman
Captive Of Gor John Norman
Nomads Of Gor John Norman
Outlaw Of Gor John Norman
Raiders Of Gor:  John Norman
Tarnsmen Of Gor John Norman
The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty Anne Rice (writing as A. N. Roquelaure)
Beauty's Punishment Anne Rice (writing as A. N. Roquelaure)
Beauty's Release Anne Rice (writing as A. N. Roquelaure)
Belinda Anne Rice (writing as A. N. Roquelaure)
The Limosine: N.T. Morley
The Contract N.T. Morley
The Library N.T. Morley
The Appointment N.T. Morley
The Castle N.T. Morley
The Circle: N.T. Morley
The Encounter Maria Madison
Their Master's Voice G.C. Scott
A Matter Of Possesion G. C. Scott 
His Mistress's Voice G.C. Scott (not Yet published, reserve your copy now!) 
Danielle, Diary Of A Slave Girl
Desert Discipline Mark Stewart
Angel Of Lust Lisa Anderssen 
Bikers Girl On The Run Lisa Anderssen 
Bush Slave Lisa Anderssen 
Sweet Submission Lisa Anderssen (This item will be published on November 23, 2000. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. ) 
Naked Truth Nicole Dere 
Naked Truth II Nicole Dere 
Prisoner's Of Passion Nicole Dere (Not yet published, Reserve Your copy Now) 
Owning Sarah Nicole Dere 
Sisters In Servitude Nicole Dere 
Slave to the State Rosetta Stone 
Slave To The System Rosetta Stone 
Selling Stephanie Rosetta Stone 
Naked Plunder J. T. Pearce 
Aphrodizzia Richard Manton 
Bombay Bound Richard Manton 
Belle Sauvage Richard Manton 
Captive; The Eyes Behind The Mask Richard Manton 
Deep South Richard Manton 
Fancy Girl Richard Manton 
Jeremy Richard Manton 
Max Richard Manton 
Noreen Richard Manton 
The Odalisque Richard Manton 
Vicky Richard Manton 
Miriam Patrick Henden 
Lust's Labour Won Patrick Henden 
Katherine Patrick Henden 
Dancing Fawns Patrick Henden 
Dorothea Patrick Henden 
Eveline Patrick Henden 
Hardcastle Patrick Henden 
Pamela Patrick Henden 
Laura Patrick Henden 
The Pearl Anonymous 
First Training James Jennings 
Pearl; A Jounral Of Facetive and Voluptuous Reading James Jennings 
Out Of Bounds Mandy Dickinson 
The 43rd Mistress; A Sensual Odyssey Grant Andrews 
The Abz of Pain and Pleasure A.M. LeDeluge 
Art Of Spanking Milo Manara, Jacques Enard (Contributor), Elizabeth Bell (Translator) 
Beauty Of Fetish Steve Diet Goedde 
Bondage Masquerade 
Bound To Please Charles Sackville 
Bound To Serve Amanda Ware 
Candy In Captivity Arabella Knight 
Brought To Heel Arabella Knight 
The Sharp Edge Of Love Galen 
Justice : And Other Short Erotic Tales
by Tammy Jo Eckhart ISBN: 189015914X
Rhapsody : To Touch the Face of the Goddess
by F.R.R Mallory aka Mistress Steel
ISBN: 1893006239
Domina, The Sextopians Gloria Brame ISBN: 1581128789 The Hounds of Hell and Other Sm Stories by Larry Townsend ISBN: 1881684180
Beauty Of Fetish: Steve Diet Goede (Pictures and fiction/non fiction stories)

The Beauty of Fetish: Volume 2
by Steve Diet Goedde (Photographer), I. S. Levine (Preface) (Pictures and fiction/non fiction stories) ; ISBN: 3908163420

Generation Fetish by Lee Higgs (Photographer), Gisele Turner (pics) ISBN: 3980587681