Author: angel © 2001



My mind wonders, I think of you, the flame inside my soul alights
I hear your voice in my ear, although you are not in site
I feel your teeth on my neck, like a candle I burn
Your arms encircle me; I hear your whispering words
My sweet, my beautiful one, my love
Your tongue on my ear, sending shivers down my spine

You tug at my hair, pull back my head
Lost in a kiss, your fingers pulling me closer still
You sense my lust, my heart beats fast
The flame burns more, my desire untold
You claw at my breasts, your lips scattering kisses
I relax, trusting in your love and touch

Then you sink your teeth into my flesh, I cry out in pain
Mixed with a pleasure, praying you do it again
Your fangs pierce my skin again, a moan flees
From my mouth, washing over thee
I feel the flame more keenly, slowly burning me up

You grab my arms, and pull them back
Holding my wrists firmly in your hand
I feel the kiss of the harsh leather embracing them
Then the click of the lock, rings out in my ear
I am bound to your desires

You walk around and look down on me; I almost dare to try to see
Your smile relaxes me, whispering anew in my ear
My bound beautiful one, my lynx in chains
I could run but here I remain
Amidst the pleasure and the pain
Your grab my neck to look into my eyes
My fear and love I can't hide
You kiss me hard, my breath you take

You caress my face with a velvet touch
Brushing my fair back very softly,
I purr to myself but you hear my sound
And yet play with my hair, calming my fears
Then grab my ponytail anew
To remind me who is in control, you
Another purr, I can't help to make
The flames burn warmer but still so slow

You push me back, I feel the wall
So cold and cruel against my flesh
Your mouth all over me, burning into my skin
Your teeth leaving marks of passion on this one
All I feel is you so close
Your heat making my own flame hotter

Like a candle I start to drip
No longer just merely damp
Your mouth sucking at my breasts
My sweetness flowing out of them

You grab me roughly, throwing me on the bed
Fastening my hands above my head
I feel my hands on my thighs
Pulling them open wide
Kissing ever so closely to my pussy

And then like a lightening bolt, I feel your lips against mine, your tongue piercing me
I let out a loud moan; you lick my lips till the dripping is a flowing stream
Then start lapped at my nub, sending lightening thought my body
I feel your fingers against my opening, slowly moving instead
Then I feel your turn your wrist, ohhhhhhhh yes, you know what I need
Pressing and touching those areas which make me scream in delight
The flame burns higher; I feel the waves about to overtake my body
In pure sexual bliss
The flame burns me up, leaving my shaking but wanting more

Your sword pierces me; you look down at me, riding my body
Your body melts into mine, I surrender totally to your will
I arch my back, and scream a new, another wave comes over me
You groan out loudly, taking me over the edge yet again

I wake up in a pool of sweat
I sense you or it is something else
I see a rose, with a note than reads
I love you dear; you mean the world to me
Was it all a dream or a wonderful truth?
I cry out, I love you

My wrists are free, no lock I see
Till I look at my bracelets
And see a silver heart hanging there
That wasn't there before
Something tells me, you will be back for more

For to this lock you hold the key
But not to my heart
For that was given away to my Master with the golden ring
He allows you to have a part of His little one

She loves Him and You.





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