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As a service to those who wish it, LnR has started an e-mail BDSM discussion list. This is an open forum for all of those who are either already in the lifestyle, or curious to learn more. Open forum means some off topic posts will be accepted and all views, sexual prefrences are allowed. The list is not moderated, which means e-mails sent to the list are NOT viewed by the listowner first. 

 The list owner is Raven Shadowborne. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me privately at

The rules for this list are as follows: 

1: No flaming will be tolerated. This is an open forum for the exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences within the BDSM lifestyle. If you do  not agree with one person's ideas you can comment about the idea, but not about the person stating the ideas. 

2: Some off topic posts will be tolerated but if it breaks into an  argument you will be asked to take it privately. Jokes are allowed, everyone can use a good laugh. 

3: Those with real life experience of BDSM are welcome here, as well as  those who wish to learn more of the lifestyle. Try to keep an open mind to other people's posts. 

4: Please be polite in your posts to the list. All posts are copywrited to the  original owners and this list. They may not be forwarded to anyone off the list, nor published in any manner without the consent of both the original author and the listowner. 

5: Please do not post private email to the list without permission from the  author. 

6: This list is for ages 18 and up..only. By Subscribing to the list you certify that you are over 18 years of age. (or are of legal age in your area)

7: Trolling is the advertising of yourself in order to attract a partner, or to past an advertisement specifically tailored to finding a partner. This is not allowed here. This is a discussion list, not a dating service. You can find lists, posting boards and web sites that allow the posting of personal ads on the links page devoted to personal ads.

Guidelines for Posting are as follows: 
The following guidelines are basic common sense types of things, and are usually unspoken rules on many mailing lists. I have stated them here as it seems not everyone is aware of them. These are ways to help cut down the superfulous emails coming through the list. As well, they are ways to help the list members keep the threads straight. They are not meant to stop every off topic post, nor do I expect them to. But they should help ease the overcrowding mailbox problems a bit. Please try to remember that anything you post can generate a response from anyone else on the list and since we seem to be holding fairly steady at over 450 users, that is a lot of email from just one post. These are guidelines and not meant to be set in stone rules

1: When responding to another person's email, please quote only the portion to which you are responding as a way for everyone else to know who/what you are responding to.  Do not send the entire post back through the list. If you need directions on how to copy paste/edit an e-mail please request this information from a list moderator.

2: If your only response to a post is a "Great post!!" "thank you" "high five" type of thing, please send it to the person privately. (Unless the list is slow) 

3: If your only response to a post is a one liner or a joke,  please do not copy the entire post you are responding to, and copy only the joke you are playing on. And please consider sending the one liners privately rather than to the whole list. occasional one liners are okay, but constant back and forth of one liners is too much mail that generally says, nothing. 

4: If your response changes the subject of the original post, please change the topic of your email. 
For ex: someone posts asking for a URL..change the topic to say requested URL or some such if you reply with the requested URL. This makes it easier for people to identify old threads, from new ones. 

5: If your post is off topic please state so in the topic line, so those who do not wish to read it can easily identify and delete it. (fiction, poem, off topic..whichever applies) 

 To post to the list send email to: (You have to be on the list to post to it) 

 To be removed from the list email  Raven privately and ask to be removed. go to and unsubscribe yourself there or send a blank email to . Please include your email addy, if you choose to have me unsubscribe you, so I  can be sure to remove the correct person. 

To Subscribe to the list, enter your e-mail address and click the Join List icon below, email Raven Shadowborne and I can add you or use this email address to join by sending them an empty email. Once you are subscribed to the list, you will get a welcome to the list email, which says basically what is on this page. Please save this e-mail for future reference.


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For filtering purposes, every email from the list will have the words [dom_sub] in the subject line, exactly as it appears here, including the brackets. This should allow most email programs to filter the list mail into a seperate folder. 

To reply to messages on the list, simply hit your reply button on your email program. Double check the email addy it is going to send to. Make sure it says If it doesn't, delete what is there, and manually place the correct addy in the right spot. If you do not do this, your post will not be seen by everyone on the list. 

If you are responding to a post privately, make sure the person's private email addy is in the send to section and not the list addy. Taking those couple extra seconds to verify the send to addy will prevent accidental posting of private mail to this list or posting list mail to just one person. I am aware that accidents do happen, (and have done them myself) so you won't be kicked off the list for an honest mistake. 

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Please, send an intro email when you join the list, so others will know you are there. Ask any questions you may have. Remember the only stupid question is one not asked. 

Welcome to the list, I hope you enjoy it. 

Raven Shadowborne


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