Author:David Socha © Jan 23, 2005

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Skin, pure white alabaster, untouched by hand or lash, unmarked, fresh and clean of scars or marks, pain and toil.

Not yet aware of the depths of pain one body and soul can endure. At the same time unaware of the pleasure such pain can bring.

You are rough as an unfinished stone, not yet revealed as the beauty that is within. And when the outer slag is torn, ripped, and beaten away the prize is immeasurable for it is the greatest in the world.

The prize is the true core of who you are, your soul bared before me, the true meaning of you.

Hurt, blemished, for life does that; but refined, a polished finished work, a masterpiece that is You. For you have come through your pain, trails, and anguish. Burned in the fires of life, and come out as a better being.

No longer is that skin unblemished, clean alabaster, free of any marks. For that was never truly you. You are now.

You are







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