Author: Sabryna © 1997


this one came to you today. 
her heart to give to you. 
You asked, of her, 
 what it means to be kajira. 

this one thought her heart would 
as she tried to put into words 
what it meant to her. 

kajira...a slave she thought 
to be owned by a Master. 
To be and to have nothing 
but, that which the Master 
wishes you to be or to have. 

Then, this one gazed into your 
eyes and what she saw there made her 
realize that to be a kajira 
is so much more. 

to this one it means to give 
into your care her heart, 
her soul,  her love... 
Putting this ones complete 
trust In you. 
Knowing  without a doubt, 
you will always do what 
you feel is best for her. 
Helping her to grow and 
Knowing you will always 
be kind, gentle and fair. 
Even when discipline is 

this one wishes to serve you 
with all her heart, mind and 
to bring honor to you. to make 
you proud to call this one, 
mira kajira. 

This one wishes to be 







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