Pure Punishment

Author: Barbara Callison © 2003

Used With Permission Of The Author(s)




As one walks through the darkness, of the night

With the moon not shining takes her flight

She has no mind, she has no soul

Only her Master has her in His control.

Come to Me, He calls out in a loud ring

You are mine, and with you, I can do anything

Crawl to Me, He motions in a hurried way

I want you now, not yesterday.

She crawls to His feet, with humble care

Being careful not to sit, she does not dare

Kneels before Him, leans back on her heels

Lowering her eyes, as she slowly kneels.

She bends forward, with out stretched wrists

Knowing this night, she will be switched

Hung from a cross, legs opened wide

With ropes tied to her waist, and lifted up high.

He puts straps on her ankles, and on her wrists too

Tied up her tits, til they were almost blue

With switch in hand, and a brash hit on her breasts

She knows to be quiet, to pass this test.

With tears in her eyes, and biting her lip

Gritting her teeth as she looks at the whip

With each lash of the switch, hitting her back

Cries out in a soft moan, as He gives her no slack.

As darkness surrounds her, and things not so clear

She feels the wetness, on her face from a tear

With each crack of the whip, and a grin on His face

He bellows a laugh, and picks up the pace.

As the punishment continues, and He picks up the cane

Tears fall down her face, like gentle rain

A crack to her thighs, and one on her hip

She ceases the moment, to take a fast trip.

Cyber space seems, to be what she needs

Going deeper and deeper, she finally succeeds

With each lash of the cane, the welts become more

She feels not a thing, as she did once before.

As He lets up with His toys, from the pleasure of pain

He lowers her down, on the floor once again

He takes off the straps, and she kneels on the floor

He tells her that she is His, forevermore.

He wipes the tears from her eyes, and brushes her cheek

Come crawl to my side, I know you are weak

As time passes by, and the pain it subsides

She relaxes beside Him, and lets out a sigh.

This Master she knows, is steady and capable

To teach her what, He knows He is able

To learn and to grow, with the life that she lives

Will help her to cope, with what He hands out, and gives.






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