Of Masters And Slaves

Author: Bo © 2002

Used With Author's Permission




I need to Dom her,
With chain, silk and leather.
To bind her with my love.
Chain her with my need.
Blind her with my passion.
My desire, her dreams.
Hers, my destiny.
As she needs to submit to me.

Could I bind her,
Without her need to be bound?
Could I Flog her,
Without her desire for that
Most intimate pain?
Could I love her,
Without her need to be loved?
Or be loved, without her loving me?
We are their to fulfill each others,
Deepest of needs.
To be set free.
To soar, like swans do, forever.

When she says our word.
I know she is almost their.
When she says our second.
I know I must restrain, take care.
Slow down........allow her breath.
Feel the depth,
Of our passion.
My love,
As I ease her with kisses.
Then, bring her back again.

Though sometimes I use her lust.
I do not abuse her trust.
Nor give her pain,
For pains sake.
Why break a lovely spirit?
Why risk it all?
My joy is her pleasure.
Her pleasure, is my joy.

Though I always command her.
I never demand.
Though I push her limits.
I do so with my love.
Knowing it is,
Her fondest desire.
The fuel of her fire.
As my command of her, is mine.

She is my other half.
As I am hers.
My souls mate.
Without her, I am not.
Without me, she is not.
But together, we are whole.
We are changed.
Into something,
Greater than ourselves.

She Honors me,
By calling me Master.
Giving her submission.
I honor her,
With my love, protection and respect.
My Dominance, her shroud.

So I ask you A/all.
Who then is Master.
Who then is the slave.
<warm smile>

By Robert Bo Golden (c) 7/10/02 AKA MythicPrince/LovngStrength






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