I Dream Of You

Author: Bo © 4/30/02

Used With Author's Permission





I dream of you,
Kneeling at my feet.
Your light kiss upon my hand.
Your devotion fills your eyes.
Then lowered in demure respect.

I dream of you.
Kneeling at my feet.
Collar bound.
Leashed, within my hand.
My large strength,
Filling your mouth,
And then your throat.
Listening to your moans,
As you drink,
What you have wrought.

I dream of you,
Beneath my exploring hands.
Imploring hands.
Your body quivering,
From my touch.
Aching from my touch.
Burning from my touch.
Missing my touch.
When they stray,
From your feverish skin.

I dream of you,
Beneath my body..........,
My love,
So deep inside,
You can taste me,
In your mouth.
Filled to overflowing.
Till you die,
That intense death.
The one, that brings you life.

I dream of you
Kneeling at my feet.
Body trembling,
With your love.
Your need of me.
Your desire wanting.
Even more.
To once again.
Be filled with me.
Infused by me.
Dying to be used by me.
Till you die again.
From the release.
I give you.

I dream of you.
Held within my arms.
Your hand upon my cock.
Holding him as though afraid,
He might be gone,
When you awake.
But I am yours.
As you are mine.
So never fear.
Because my love, my slave, my heart.
I dream of you.

Poem by: Robert Bo Golden
All rights reserved 4/30/02





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