The Paradox Of Fate

Author: CAKarrer © Nov. 5, 2000


Fate --Three cruel sisters under one name,
Who spin, weave, and cut the threads of our lives.
At their whim, we are thrown into turmoil.
For their pleasure, we suffer heartache
Three cruel sisters who delight in weaving the seeds of doubt, dissention, and war into mortal lives.

Their weave nearly unbreakable.
How could mere mortals break their hold?
A hold so powerful that world leaders bow to their authority.
The tapestry of life their private theater
We their unwitting actors.

Once in every great while, the sisters smile
Whether by accident or by choice
The sisters allow happiness into the lives of two poor souls.
Two souls that have searched for some unknown,
Never finding that for which they search.

Under Fate's watchful eye, a connection is made.
Two unique souls become one.
Two souls searching for happiness find pure joy.
Two sould searching for acceptance find communication..
Two souls searching for friendship find trust.

From joy, communication and trust grows love.
True and unconditional love
Perfect love.
Two souls yearning for each other.
Two souls united together.
copyright CAKarrer November 5, 2000 






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