The Worth Of A Slave

Author: SirWolfr1 ©

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Used With Author's Permission


The Play Party had run it's course
The floggers were stored with care
The last guest had been seen to the door;
No more this night to share

As Master of the House I locked the door
and looked about the play room floor
I soon found that which my eyes did search
My slave, curled up and asleep, as I had seen her a moment before.

I stood for a moment just looking at her
And to marvel at what I did see
For though sound asleep, her bottom still glowed...
Proudly wearing her collar, saying she belonged to me.

I thought of the power I have over this slave...
The power that she had granted only unto me.
I thought of the love, and the trust in her eyes
How, on my order, she would risk life or limb, or bend a knee.

I know that the power to own another's soul
Is not something to be taken, or to be bought
And to be worthy of the trust that she places into my hands...
Was the goal that every true Dom sought.

She stirred and muttered there, in her sleep
And then called aloud my name
I picked her up, and held her close
As a single tear fell like a soft gentle rain.

She looked up into my eyes, the eyes of the man
Whom she calls her Master, her lover and friend.
And she lay her head upon my breast
And wished the moment would never end.

"Master" she whispered as I held her close
"Why do you shed a tear?
The thought that I might have failed
My Lord, it is more than I can bear"

"Failed me my pet"? I asked
As I stroked her hair soothing away her fears.
"I could not be happier then I am this day
If I lived a thousand years"

"I see you wear my collar pet
As I mold your heart, mind, body and soul.
And to see the trust that shines forth from your eyes, my love
Can any man have a more worthy goal"?

"Come my pet, the night is short
And you must have your sleep.
Rest your head, calm your fears...
As over you, a watch I keep."

As I tucked her into bed
I looked down upon her sleeping form
I shook my head, I smiled and thought
Of what the 'nallias called "the norm"

And thought in sadness of where they were now,
A lifetime ago I had stood
And how the path that I had traveled since
Not one in a thousand could

I am a Dom" he thought proudly to himself
The one she kneels to, of her own desire
With the power she grants me to love,honor, correct and control
Is a power as pure and strong as her own inner fire

To own this make her mine
What man could ask for more.
To see her kneel at my feet each day
To know such freedom, as for me in the clouds she soars

I could ask for no other life
And would accept no other to call my own
I thought of the sweetness,the passon, the tears and the joy
And smiled, For my slave was the sweetest harvest that I could have ever sown.

For we are the Yen and the Yang, the Dom and the sub
Each giving what the other doth yearn to take
Each of us with a hunger...a bright burning need...
That none save the other could ever hope to slake.

SirWolfr1 Copyright
© Sept. 2000






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