Author: Selina Shadowborne © 2008

Used With Permission Of The Author(s)




Words echo through these walls
Images flash infront of me
Blood running hot
Heart pounding
Nothing can satisfy the urges

Feeling the pain
I try to cry out
Yet blocked from doing so
Heat stings my flesh
Tears falling down my face
The animal within claws
Yearns to be free
These ropes bind me
Leaving me exposed to your gaze
What can I do?

Moments seem to turn to years
Pain becoming pleasure
My spirit soaring high
Muffled cries for more
My submission
Becoming eminent
Nerves on fire
My body begging for release
Yet it comes swiftly
And powerfully
I cry out
Tears falling faster
Moans turn to sobs
Its all over
My mind floating to the surface
A smile on my face
I realize
It’s only the beginning.





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