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A blog is basically an online journal. In a blog you can focus on a single topic, writing your thoughts to that topic on a daily basis, or write the daily occurances of your life. Some also use blogs as a way of discussing their thoughts on many different topics. Most blogs are posted in reverse chronoligcal order which means the newest post will be at the top of the page, with the oldest one being at the bottom. If this is your first time reading these blogs, you will probably want to start reading at the bottom and scroll upwards. This way, things will be in chronological order and make more sense to read.

These blogs will all open in a new window. This will stay this way until I can figure out how to add the back, email and home buttons to the template. Blogger has changed and upgraded how they do things, so until I can figure out their new rules, I have to have the blogs open in a new window. Sorry for any inconvenience. (Raven Shadowborne) 


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