The Rose and The Thorn

Author: Lorraine Casey © 2001

Used With Author's Permission


Once upon a time In a small chateau
There lived a noble Man
As He dined one day
A rose bud in the garden caught His eye
He never saw the thorn sprouting beneath her

"What a beautiful delicate thing"
"I shall nourish this exquisite object", He thought
And when she was thirsty
The Man gave her water
The thorn drank the excess

The bud became aesthetically pleasing
Instant gratification
All of the Mans expectations met
Exactly as He envisioned her
In the shadow of the rose the thorn grew

The Man showed her to everyone
The rose was displayed
Just Like the story of O
Enjoyed by all who visited
The thorn was never noticed

The Man spent many hours
Inhaling her fragrance
Caressing her soft petals
Protecting her from the wind
The thorn stood erect and watched

One day the Man was called away
On a business or political matter
He was not there
When the wind blew
And the rose hungered for more

When He returned
He saw to his horror
His rose was gone
All that was left was one petal
Impaled by the thorn

He went inside
Returning with shears
He chopped off the thorn
And tossed the scourge aside
Cussing this ugly monstrosity

The Man never knew
The thorn He cursed so
Knowing the Man loved the rose
Caught the petal on the way down for Him
For the thorn loved the Man

On the ground
The thorn still stood erect
For although rejected
The thorn embraced His pain
Her only sadness was for the Man
Who only saw with His eyes







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