My Reason

Author: His_Rhyme ©

Used With Author's Permission





A journey of a million miles
My soul had walked alone
Suffering insatiable hunger
And looking for a home

Lost and fearful i kept moving,
Running from my pain,
Never going anywhere-
Then going there again

Looking back upon the emptiness
That my restless heart created
i longed to still the yearning
and render my hunger sated

During this reflective pause
His voice called out to me-
"Come My love your home is here"
"I will set you free"

Joy and apprehension collided in my mind
my ears listening to His words
Resonant, commanding and kind

In His embrace i trembled
He wrapped round me like a vine
All my struggles ceasing when He announced-
"you are mine"

The longing voices hushed in a silence so profound,
my burning hunger stopped
as i knelt humbled upon the ground

Surrendering my body, heart and soul
Along with all my pain
In His bondage i found solace
and shelter from the rain

my home is not a place
like a building, town or street
It is the feeling that i have
when i am kneeling at his feet

His eyes hold my spirit when He gazes down at me
The love intense and reassuring
In His bondage, i am free

His love for me unwavering
Unconditional even when i am wrong
He holds me close, body and soul
In my submission i am strong

So once again my Master,
i pledge my love to You
Thank You for Your guiding strength
that will forever see me through







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