A Letter From A Paddle

Author: flower © 2001

used with permission



Hello Sir

It’s me, the thick wooden paddle. Long time, no see. How have you been? How is that wife of yours? I really miss being used on her bottom. Has she been behaving? Has she gotten that temper under control? Is the house all nice and clean? How is that schedule working out? Is she doing all her work, on the day that she is scheduled to? Has she stopped trying to control everything and stopped being a “control” freak? Or does she need help in these areas to be motivated? Does she need to know that you care?

May I speak friend-to-friend? If we got together again, I know that we can help her to “fix” all of those things. She really does want to change, but she just doesn’t have the right motivation to help her. She actually wants you and me to stop her and save her from herself. Nothing breaks her heart more than to see herself “loosing” it, not have the ability to stop herself and have you not help her. At times she feels like she is drowning, going down for the third time, pleading for help and you just walk on by. Between you and me, we can give the little lady what she so desperately needs and wants. This time we need to go about it in just a little bit different way. If you follow my advice, this will be a lot painless (well for you anyway) and a lot less heartache for all of us.

You know, she feels most balanced, most secure, most protected, most loved, and most feminine when she is subjected to a firm, principled, disciplinary arrangement from you. I understand that you really don't want to have to punish your wife. But if it is what she needs/wants to feel all of those things that I mentioned above, then you will have to punish her when she deserves it. And when you do, I think it is best to do a complete job to minimize the likelihood that she will ever give you reason to do it again.

You need to thoroughly take charge and leave her in no doubt who is in charge and that you know what you are doing. By establishing that you are willing and able to punish her, over all her attempts of persuasion and manipulation, and that you can do so very effectively, she will know you mean business in the future. This will help her to think before she acts next time the situation come about.

Consistency is very important. If she has any reason to think she might be able to wriggle out of a punishment, or minimize its severity, or distract you then the next time a situation comes along, she will be thinking that she will not really be punished very hard or not at all. If you make it absolutely certain in her mind that misconduct will be fully punished, then you are making life a lot easier for her and you in the future. You cut out all her attempts to tell herself she can get away with it. You make all her attempts to justify bad conduct fail. The way you punish her and the consistent, solid way you administer the disciplinary framework will work for both of you when it most counts: the next time she faces weakness or temptation, her recollection of our punishment and consistency will bring her repeatedly to the conclusion, that its just not worth it.

Before and after we have spanked her, have her stand with her nose pressed firmly into the corner, hands by her side and her bottom bare. This is an excellent way of focusing her attention on the situation. If you tell her to go to the corner and she tries to refuse, grab her by the ear and put her in the corner, telling her that her punishment will NOW be in two folds. Believe me, this will be the first and only time that she tries that, if you are very firm and don’t back down. She will take notice that you mean business and that she will not be able to “get out” of this punishment. No moving or speaking except when answering your questions. Corner time after the spanking is a time for her to calm down, think hard about what she did, how it affected you, how she was punished, how sorry she is about her actions (a separate thing from being sorry for herself) and especially for her to think and plan how she will never do those actions or anything like them ever again.

While you are spanking her, lecture her and ask her how determined she is never to do this again. Be relentless with the swats until she really convinces you she is desperate and utterly sorry and thoroughly committed to never repeating the misdeeds again. That moment when her regret seems full-blooded, rather than just stated in a normal level-headed manner, will probably be well after she has started trying every means available to get you to stop the spanking. You must use lots of verbal communication, as in lecturing, before and during the punishment.

A punishment spanking is not a simply spanking that stops when she has had enough. You and I must spank and spank - way, way past the point where she is suffering and way, past the point where she protests and cries out.

It may be appropriate to drive the punishment home for another ten or twenty seconds (its hard to say - maybe even a minute or so) after your wife is becoming frantic with pain and fear that you will “never” stop. Think of it like driving a nail into wood. You give the nail a few hard blows with the hammer rather than many more light taps. Once the nail is in, you give it one last blow to set its head just below the wood's surface. Punishing your wife is a job - a job worth doing well.

You need to impose your will, to dominate her, to leave her in no doubt that you are strong and committed enough to prevail no matter what cries, protests, shrieks and other things she tries to distract you with.

Using me “very” quickly on one spot for a while before moving to another spot. You should be able to deliver at least four whacks a second like this, and within a second or two - your wife will be changing her thinking, I assure you! I “burn”! Its all in the wrist and forearm - but you must be thoroughly determined to drill a message home to her. No warm ups! And if you use just about all your force to swat her, then you won’t need as many whacks to get the job done. If she isn’t yelling from the first whack, you aren’t swatting hard enough. Don’t forget to threaten her with whacks to her upper thighs if she gets up, tries to cover up with her hand, moves too much or anything else that is not acceptable and then FOLLOW THROUGH with it if need be. And NO sex after a punishment spanking for a least three hours.

Of course, you must be doing this for the right reasons - for her own good, to protect health and safety, and to protect your relationship.

And, of course you can use me for the reminder spankings and the maintenance spankings, too. Which are a lot less painful, but still a nice sting effect on her bare butt. I enjoy all kinds of spankings to her bottom as does she. Yes, I remember being used on her bare bottom a few times and the always ending results.

Just remember to take charge, stand your ground and spank, spank, spank.
Your Friendly Paddle,
The Thick Wooden Paddle





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