Author: Sabryna © April 22, 1998


You walked into my life
and turned it up side down.
Making promises
and I fell for each one.

You told me of a love
that you had never felt before.
That I filled a void that no one else had.
I gave to you in return My heart.

You came to me asking that I give to
 you the gift of my submission.
Again making promises.
I gave to you a gift I hold very near to my heart.

You took this gift and held it dear,
Promising never to abuse it.
To always protect and keep it safe.
I trusted you to keep your word.

You came to me one day
and told me you were going away.
Only six months you promised.
I cried and asked you not to go.

You said it was important, you had to go.
You promised you would return
and we would always be together.
I cried and believed you yet again.

You said you would talk to me the next day.
But you went away without a word.
Your promises ringing in my ears.
I waited and slipped with in myself.

You promised me you would always be
here for me.
But, you are not and still I wait.
I gave to you my love and my submission.

You gave me promises and hopes.
Are they just empty meaningless words.
Was the gift I gave misplaced by you?
Was I wrong to trust in what you said?

You are who I put my trust in.
You are the one who went away
You are the one who brought my never ending tears.
I am the one who carries the pain.

Are all promises Empty?
Was it all to you a game?
Was I just a pawn to toy with?
Do I still wait and hope someday it will change?

So many promises left unkept.
So many nights I've cried myself to sleep.
So many dreams left shattered.
So why do I still love you?






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