Author: angel © 2001



I sit and think, and wonder why
I should be so lucky
I have a man, my Master who is my life
You come in and my heart starts aching

Aching in a way I had forgotten
Trusting it is true
Trusting the emotions that I feel
When I think of you

I feel like a child
Who's stuck in the corner
For the many mistakes she's made
I want to cry
But deep inside
I feel the change from deep inside

Is it only sex or is it more?
For now I know you I adore
I hope I'm not rushing again

You never knew I cried for you
When I thought I would never see you again
When I made that error of judgment
It broke my heart but then like a dream
You were there, with your sweet words and loving kindness

Then my Love, my knight, he rescued me
And held me in loving arms
And spoke words of passion
To my aching body and mind
Making me scream out loud
Surrendering more to you, my Master

So here am I
A simple plaything, maybe
A beautiful princess too
In love with One
Wanting to tell the other one too, darling, I love you

Maybe my love for him is just puppy love
Maybe it's just lust or a major crush
Or maybe you were meant to be here in my life
To show me all I have as His sub and wife

How I long to say I love you to him
But I'm scared to right now
I'm scared of being laughed at
I'm scared of being put down
I'm scared of being rejected; I don't think I could stand it again

He knows what I've been thought
He knows that I am scared
So why can't I tell him I love him
And see if these feelings he shares

I have to let go of the fears
I have to tell him some way
But I don't think it's going to happen
Any soon day

Maybe when I see him again
With his arms around me, holding me close
I will say the words that are in my heart

Maybe, just maybe





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