Meeting People From On-line In Real Life

Author: Raven Shadowborne © April 28, 1999


Meeting someone from online can be an exciting proposition. Most meetings go very well and the people have a good time. This gives a person the opportunity to meet other's in the lifestyle and share common interests. This also provides an opportunity for meeting a prospective partner be they a dominant or a submissive. You can meet people through chat rooms, bulletin boards, news groups, dating services, personal ads and things of that nature.  

Many people have met online, fallen in love, met real life and found their love was only stronger for it, and moved into full time real life relationships. Many have made multitudes of friends that are just as wonderful in reality as they were on the screen. Many have met wonderful play partners and mentors through the Internet. On the whole, most experiences are of great benefit to those on the Internet.  

Due to the ever growing number of people who are on the Internet, the ever growing number of newbies in the lifestyle, and the ever growing number of online to real life meetings, I feel it has become necessary to provide the following information on keeping yourself safe during an online to real life meeting. Again, not every person you talk to will be "out to hurt someone" and most probably won't be. But the fact remains that there are some sickos out there are and if you do not protect yourself the results could be disastrous. 

These articles are meant to be read in order. On each page will be a NEXT button and a PREVIOUS button. These buttons will take you to the next article in the series, or to the one directly before the page you are currently on. Please start with "I've Found A Prospective Partner!". The links below will take you to each page separately if you wish to read them that way. The Back buttons on each page will bring you back here. The Home buttons on each page will bring you to the main page of this site. The email buttons will send an email to Raven Shadowborne or Bugs42^. Please feel free to submit your story, experience or thoughts about meeting people from online by emailing below, or clicking here and filling out the form.  

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  I've Found a Prospective Partner! 

General Guidelines For Meeting Real Life 

Dangers of Meeting Real Life  

What are "Red Flags" 

Safe Calls and Safe Words For First Meetings 

Scening On A First Meeting 

What is a Play List and Scene Negotiation Form? 

Some Signs Of Abuse and Abusers 

Pre meeting Check List 

My Experiences Meeting People From Online  (Raven Shadowborne) 

Rose Colored Glasses (zenn[T]) 

My Experiences And Thoughts About Meeting Someone From Online (Alestair Blacke) 

My Experience Meeting Somone From Online (Belle, as told to AlestairBlacke)


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