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I first got online in August of 1996. I met quite a few people in the chat rooms on the different nets. Most of them seemed to be wonderful people and we formed good friendships. As time went on I wanted to meet some of these people in real life. Eventually I was given a chance to do just that.  

Since August of 1996, I have met most of my closest online friends in real life, visited at some of their homes, had them come to my home, and hosted a channel get together. Out of all those meetings, only one gave me a feeling of something being wrong and the friendship was stopped. The rest, have grown into closer friendships and one into a 24/7 d/s relationship.  

Most of these meetings were held in my home, where I lived in Florida with my then husband and children. So no safe call was needed as I was never alone with anyone. The one which did not take place in my home took place in another state. The person I was meeting paid for my travel expenses and I flew to their state to spend a week of vacation time. The meeting went very well. At that time, the gentleman involved, was my online master and play did occur. I had known him for a couple years by this point and in real life felt comfortable enough to play with him. Safewords were allowed. I would call home via telephone or the Internet daily to check in with my husband. I also had a back up plan and a place nearby to go if I needed to. I did not need to use this back up plan. 

In my experience with meeting people from online, I have found the majority to be wonderful experiences for me. I have made many great friends who I treasure to this day. I hope that my experiences will continue to be positive ones and that your experiences are also. 

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