My Experiences Meeting Someone From Online

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In another one of my weird coincidences, after raven asked us about our first-time meetings with people from the net, I got the following messages from a friend of mine on the ICQ.  Let's call her Belle. 

Belle lives in a southern state, and is in her early 30's.  She is in the process of divorce, with children.    The messages she sent me are as follows: 

.....<non-related portion of message deleted> ...Now on the up side..........I had a date last night. 


I met him on here and he lives within an hour from me.  I responded to his personal ad and he replied and we started talking and yesterday I was on and he was too and we were talking about planting and I told him that if I knew him well enough I'd invite him over and he could help me plant my flowers.........well he surprised me. ...he told me to say when and where......I had to think about it cause I've not had anyone say that to me before.   

My response: 

I've seen weirder and wilder things happen on the net before.  And you have to be careful, someone is always willing to call your bluff! <L> 


So I thought about it and said okay lets do it.................I gave him my phone number and he called and he asked when would be a good time for me and I said well today would have been and he's like.........then how's 7:30 sound and we met in my town at a steak house had dinner great conversation and went to a movie and he called today and we are planning on seeing each other on Tuesday.................... 


Well no one had.......................but am glad that I agreed to meet him.  It felt so good to be in the company of a man and I felt very comfortable with him.  Plus I took my oldest daughter so I would feel better and he came alone and was very nervous he was shaking................but after awhile we both calmed down and it was a nice evening. 

<<Note, her daughter is 14 years old>> 

My Response: 

Sounds like you had a great time, and very smart of you to meet in a public location the first time, and to bring along someone for added security. 


well he told me to bring my whole family if it made me feel comfortable but I didn't.......I took my friends beeper so she could beep me about an hour or so into the evening and once I got through the meal and went to the movies I just turned it off and enjoyed the movie and talking to him. 


Those are all the messages.  I then asked her if it was ok if I passed this along to my friend {raven}, and explained why.  She consented, but asked I change her name. 

Now, as raven has pointed out in some of her other articles, meet in public, have a safe call (very smart of her friend loaning her the beeper, and paging an hour into the date.  Iif everything was ok, she told her friend so.  If something was wrong, her friend could have alerted someone, and if the date was a creep, should could say family emergency and ditch him <L>).  Also smart to take along her daughter, both for support and for some added security.  Well done, Belle!  You showed us a good first meeting scenerio! 


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