Premeeting Checklist

Author: Raven Shadowborne © April 28, 1999

Below you will find a check list of items that should be satisfied before a meeting is scheduled with someone you've met online. This list is not meant to be all encompassing but is meant to be used as a guideline for following safety precautions before meeting someone from online. Please feel free to print this page out if you want to. Further, this list is meant to be personalized so that it better fits your specific needs and expectations before a meeting a takes place. All questions should be answered as they apply to you and your prospective partner. 

Real name:


Phone number:

Place of Employment:

Work Number:

Car make, model, year and color:

Currently involved with someone else: 
 If yes: does that person know about outside activities
 If Yes: Can I speak with that person

Is a safe call decided on:
 If yes: have they been provided with name of meeting place and times
 If yes: Have they been given a good description or picture of the person you are meeting
 If Yes: has a word for "help me" been decided on
 If yes: has a word for "everything is fine" been decided on
 If yes: has a plan of action in case of a problem been worked out

Has a safeword been issued:

Will play be expected:
 If yes: what types of play
 if yes: what limits will apply

What kinds of play are you willing to participate in:

Have safe sex practices been discussed:

Will condoms be used:

Has a play list been exchanged:

Has a scene negotiation form been exchanged:

How do they view submission/domination:

How do they view the opposite gender

Do they prefer a submissive, slave or bottom

Do they prefer a dominant or a top

Will pain play be expected

what is expected of the sub/dom

Has health been discussed
 if yes: any health concerns
 if yes: any specific medical conditions to be worried about

How much experience does the person have:

What is the person's favorite color:

Are they open about their real lives and experiences:

Do they willingly provide answers to questions

Do they support any efforts to seek more information

Do they want a relationship or just a play partner:

Have they had prior doms or subs:

How do they handle punishment:

What do they consider to be abusive:

What do they consider to be consent:

What ways are they providing for their own safety and yours:


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