BDSM Discussion  Night Logs 2000


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Below is a listing of the discussion topics and dates for the discussions held during the year of 2000. Enjoy!


Honeymoon Periods In BDSM Relationships  (Discussion 24) July 16, 2000
Household Items Used As Toys  (Discussion 25) July 23, 2000
BDSM With Kids In The House   (Discussion 26) July 30, 2000
Polygamy In BDSM  (Discussion 27) August 6, 2000
What Is Lifestyle BDSM ?  (Discussion 28) August 20, 2000
Role Play In BDSM  (Discussion 29) August 27, 2000
D/s without S/m (Discussion 30) Part 1  September 3, 2000 (part 1 of 2)
Abuse In BDSM (Discussion 31) September 10, 2000
Sub-Space / Dom-Space  (Discussion 32) September 17, 2000
Types Of Relationships In BDSM (Discussion 33) September 24, 2000
D/s In Marriage (Discussion 34) October 2000
Formal Training (Guest Speaker Soulhuntr Of The Estate) (Discussion 35) October 2000
Romance In BDSM (Discussion 36) October 2000
Does Being Dom Or Sub Affect Non-BDSM Relationships (Discussion 37) November 2000
D/s Without S/m Part 2 (Discussion 38) November 2000 (part 2 of 2)
D/s Without Love (Discussion 39) November 2000
Safety In BDSM (Discussion 40) November 2000
Bringing BDSM Into A Vanilla Relationship (Discussion 41) December 2000
SSC vs. RACK (Discussion 42) December 2000
Consent In BDSM (Discussion 43) Thank You SoulOfDarkness December 2000


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