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Household Items Used As Toys

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Session Start: Sun Jul 23 20:58:18 2000
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[21:13] <ravenshad> Tonight's topic is "Household Items which can be used as toys"...
[21:13] <ravenshad> why would such a topic even be neccessary?
[21:13] * Ron1962 relaxes.......and takes notes.......
[21:14] <Ron1962> Because some of us lack imagination....and no one can think of everything?
[21:14] <ravenshad> could be part of it Ron...
[21:14] <AlstrBlck> or we're too poor to afford the expensive stuff.
[21:14] <ravenshad> how about...professionaly made products/toys are EXPENSIVE!
[21:14] <Roam-anan> different people's minds work in different ways (Roamer)
[21:14] <ravenshad> yes AB
[21:14] * Ron1962 nods...Thats a big one
[21:14] <gervaise_> because some of us have no local resources
[21:14] * ravenshad nods...
[21:15] <Ron1962> And some items...say a flogger...cant be said to be used for anything else....and kids find the darnest things
[21:15] <ravenshad> true Ron...
[21:15] <Roam-anan> Roamer said it is fun walking around Home Depot looking at things and thinking of alternative uses
[21:15] <ravenshad> so in that case, Ron..using househole items raises fewer questions...
[21:15] * Ron1962 considers the advatages of getting a 1200 dollar safe......
[21:15] <ravenshad> yes..that is true...but I'm talking about the things that are already in most people's houses..
[21:16] <AlstrBlck> obvious things like pain stirrers are good.
[21:16] <ravenshad> what are some things laying around your house that could be used as a toy?
[21:16] * Ron1962 nods....Yes....a wooden spoon has a rather good reputation...or so I have heard.....
[21:16] <Roam-anan> spatulas, fly swatters, rope
[21:16] <Roam-anan> clothespins
[21:16] <ravenshad> belts..slippers..
[21:16] <ravenshad> feather dusters...
[21:17] <ravenshad> ice
[21:17] <ravenshad> candles
[21:17] <AlstrBlck> icey-hot rub on ointment.
[21:17] <Roam-anan> ice packs
[21:17] <ravenshad> butter knives (chilled..make an interesting way to remove wax)
[21:17] <Ron1962> Ohhh...nice one AlstrBlck
[21:17] <Roam-anan> oh, good idea gf
[21:17] <ravenshad> yes... :)
[21:17] <ravenshad> what about rubber bands?
[21:17] <Roam-anan> twang!
[21:17] <Roam-anan> ouuchie!
[21:17] <ravenshad> lololol
[21:18] <AlstrBlck> not nec that way. ;}
[21:18] <ravenshad> yup..that works..
[21:18] <Ron1962> Rubber bands?....*looking confused
[21:18] <Roam-anan> saran wrap
[21:18] <ravenshad> yes..elastics Ron
[21:18] <ravenshad> the decorator colors Roam-anan?
[21:18] <AlstrBlck> take some of the bigger ones, stretch em open, and insert her breast thru them.
[21:18] <Roam-anan> deffo!
[21:18] <AlstrBlck> The more you put on, the tighter they get.
[21:18] <ravenshad> that works AB...instant breast bondage..
[21:18] <Ron1962> Saran Wrap??....*looking more confused
[21:18] <ravenshad> yes..for mummification Ron..
[21:18] <intoit{N}> snap one on your dick some time
[21:18] <Roam-anan> ouch!
[21:19] * Ron1962 nods......Hey that would work....or the small ones for nipple clamps......
[21:19] <ravenshad> that works good for a fem domme and male sub.. :) good one bf
[21:19] <Roam-anan> Roamer says he will pass on intoit's idea
[21:19] <AlstrBlck> small C clamps for nipple clamps.
[21:19] * Ron1962 looks at intoit{N} eyes going wide......Oh my
[21:19] <ravenshad> Roamer isn't a male masochist/sub ananda :)
[21:19] * ravenshad giggles..
[21:19] <Roam-anan> nope, he aint!
[21:19] <ravenshad> what about such things as plastic shower curtains and baby oil?
[21:20] <Roam-anan> dog collar and leash is a good household item
[21:20] <Roam-anan> deffo, raven
[21:20] <intoit{N}> what of electric dog collars
[21:20] <AlstrBlck> here's one most seemed to have missed.  You know those clips you can get, to hold bags of potato chips closed?  They have like a 4 or 6 inch clamping area on them?  Nice on labia. ;}
[21:20] <ravenshad> yes..those are good ideas Roam-anan :)
[21:20] <LadyMist> thank you...wasn't sure I could make it tonight...
[21:20] <Roam-anan> good idea Alstr
[21:20] <ravenshad> Yes AB..those are good...
[21:21] <ravenshad> is a plethora of ideas..FOOD
[21:21] <AlstrBlck> and, my all-time favorite thing - chopsticks. <EG>
[21:21] <intoit{N}> those are mild AB
[21:21] <LadyMist> mine too
[21:21] <ravenshad> chopsticks AB?
[21:21] <LadyMist> 'G'
[21:21] <Roam-anan> how so, AB?
[21:21] <intoit{N}> those are nasty AB
[21:21] * Ron1962 nods....Ayli called out from the say ginger roots......
[21:21] <AlstrBlck> take a pair of chopsticks, wrap a rubber band around each end of the pair - the tighter you wrap, the tighter they clamp.
[21:22] <LadyMist> yummmmmm
[21:22] <ravenshad> OUCH! Ron..but yes..they make good toys..
[21:22] <Roam-anan> oh, nice idea Roamer says, AB
[21:22] <ravenshad> never tried that AB..sounds interesting 
[21:22] <Ron1962> Ohhh....good one AB....I have a pair of those...if I can find them
[21:22] <AlstrBlck> can be used on nipples, labia, and male genitilia as well, I am sure (never tried em out on myself, though).
[21:22] <ravenshad> sabryna said: those flat wooden things used to take pizza's out of the oven..make good paddles..specially the smaller ones..
[21:22] <LadyMist> they are WONDEWRFUL
[21:22] <AlstrBlck> Nice on a tongue, too.
[21:22] <LadyMist> 'EG"
[21:22] <intoit{N}> i will not say how Mistress uses a chopstick
[21:22] <ravenshad> OUCH on the tongue.. :((
[21:23] <LadyMist> wodnerful for pouting and the like
[21:23] <Ron1962> And plastic clothes hangers..........a substatute cane...and very quite.......
[21:23] <AlstrBlck> a peel, raven, is what they are called.  I have a big one.
[21:23] <ravenshad> yes...those work very efficiently Ron...
[21:23] <AlstrBlck> on the tongue, don't do the rubberbands as tight.
[21:23] <ravenshad> hairbrushes?
[21:23] <ravenshad> nail files (emery boards) for that sand paper effect..
[21:23] <ravenshad> sand paper itself..
[21:23] * LadyMist loves hairbrushes
[21:23] <ravenshad> soap 
[21:23] <AlstrBlck> anyone know what "tipping" is?
[21:23] <LadyMist> <-- chensay GROANS
[21:24] <LadyMist> ??
[21:24] <ravenshad> I do AB
[21:24] <Roam-anan> nope, we don
[21:24] <Roam-anan> dont
[21:24] <ravenshad> LOL chensay..I'm with you on hairbrushes..unless I am in sub space big time..
[21:24] <LadyMist> maybe I am not familiar witht he term
[21:24] <Ron1962> *ayli calls out*......Hairbrushes......nailbrushes.....bath brushes.....foot brushes....
[21:24] <ravenshad> it uses q-tips
[21:24] <AlstrBlck> shall I enlighten them, raven?  am sure to produce to some squeels of pain... ;}
[21:24] <ravenshad> OUCH ayli
[21:24] <LadyMist> <<-- she says give me a cane over a hairbrush ANY day...
[21:24] <intoit{N}> i know what it is
[21:24] <ravenshad> go ahead's a legitimate idea so long as safety is used..please use the safety there ok?
[21:24] <ravenshad> yes bf..I know you do :))
[21:25] <LadyMist> LOL
[21:25] <ravenshad> I have done it as well bf..long time ago..
[21:25] <ravenshad> I would like to try a cane..but am afraid of it..
[21:25] <intoit{N}> Mistress has used a chopstick in that manner gf
[21:25] * Ron1962 takes notes on tipping
[21:25] <LadyMist> chens loves the suckers
[21:25] <ravenshad> that is interesting..
[21:25] <AlstrBlck> in brief, it's where a q-tip is inserted into the pee-hole of the penis or vagina.
[21:25] <ravenshad> Ron..don't take notes until you know what it is..
[21:25] * ravenshad waits for AB's explanation..
[21:25] <ravenshad> urethra
[21:25] <ravenshad> NEVER insert too far..
[21:25] <Roam-anan> ooo, that's scary
[21:25] <LadyMist> yeppers  I am afraid...
[21:26] <ravenshad> and NEVER use a non sterile item..
[21:26] <ravenshad> they sell q-tips sterilized...
[21:26] * LadyMist shakes head
[21:26] * Ron1962 smiles at raven...Why do you think I am taking notes?.....
[21:26] <AlstrBlck> Usually you should use KY Jelly or some such lubricant, but I know of one Mistress who used tiger balm on someone, as well as freezing water in a straw and using that.
[21:26] <ravenshad> one can add ben gay or just plane old ivory soap to the q-tip...
[21:26] <ravenshad> ACK AB :((
[21:26] <ravenshad> so you will know what it is Ron?
[21:26] <AlstrBlck> Not something I recomment experimenting with, as it can cause infections real easy.  Never use vaseline, etc.
[21:26] <intoit{N}> yes and let the show begin
[21:26] <Ron1962> ICE water?....*Brrrrrrr*
[21:27] <ravenshad> yes...
[21:27] <ravenshad> isn't too bad..
[21:27] * Ron1962 smiles at raven.....Care to describe the sensation raven?....
[21:27] <ravenshad> I wouldn't reccomend using something like tiger balm or ben gay..unless you really thin it out first...cvhance of burning the tissues and causing infection is too high..
[21:27] * ravenshad smiles softly...I enjoyed it
[21:28] <LadyMist> <<-- chens asks... and you are afraid of canes??
[21:28] <ravenshad> a sterile q-tip was used..only for about a minute..felt interesting..presses on the clit...
[21:28] * ravenshad laughs...yeah..I am..
[21:28] <AlstrBlck> now why do I think the same person who used to threaten me with it told raven about it? <L>
[21:28] <ravenshad> you have that exactly right AB :)
[21:28] * ravenshad giggles
[21:28] <ravenshad> this was years ago..I doubt I would do it again..
[21:30] <AlstrBlck> lesse, what else....
[21:30] <LadyMist> have we talked about rope...?  and rope flogs?  <-- is anamored with her new one...
[21:30] <AlstrBlck> go for it, LM.
[21:30] <intoit{N}> me thinks you would gf
[21:30] <Roam-anan> we have a collection of, black, blue, red!
[21:30] <LadyMist> I made a rope flos with two different diameters of rope and it is DELISH
[21:30] <ravenshad> how does one do that LM?
[21:30] <LadyMist> I NEED  to dye my rope...
[21:31] <Roam-anan> they sell the colored ones at Home Depot here
[21:31] <LadyMist> I took some and glued to a dowel doubled up...
[21:31] <Roam-anan> red, blue, green, yellow, black
[21:31] <LadyMist> then took the wider ones and threaded through a D ring...
[21:31] <LadyMist> then taped the handle with elec tape... ( was going to dip it...bu tit didn't work out...)
[21:32] <ravenshad> do you fray the ends of the rope? knot them? 
[21:32] * Ron1962 makes notes how to make toys
[21:32] <AlstrBlck> btw, local libraries are a good source on leatherworking, even showing you how to make whips.
[21:32] <LadyMist> and whipped the ends of the wide pieces and let the narrower ones unbraid...
[21:32] <LadyMist> I can upload a pic onto the dom_sub files if anyone would like
[21:32] <ravenshad> please LM :)
[21:33] * Ron1962 likes the sound of that rope flogger......but still has to hide from kids............
[21:33] <LadyMist> 'G'  Will be done on the morrow...
[21:33] <ravenshad> if you'll send it to me, I will put it up with the log...

[21:33] <ravenshad> thanks LM :)
[21:33] <LadyMist> A locked closet is nice for hiding...
[21:33] <ravenshad> I read a story last night..had an intersting idea in it...sitting someone who had just been spanked on a waffle iron (not heated)
[21:33] <ravenshad> yes..
[21:33] <AlstrBlck> an inner tube from a bicycle, cut a piece about 2 feet long, work a 6" wooden dowel into it, cut the other end into strips up to the dowel.
[21:33] <LadyMist> sounds yummy
[21:33] <LadyMist> and stingy
[21:34] * Ron1962 smiles......That would be wicked wouldnt it AlstrBlck?
[21:34] <intoit{N}> hemp door mats work wel also gf
[21:34] <LadyMist> door mats??
[21:34] <ravenshad> OUCH bf..they damn well would work.. LOL
[21:34] <Ron1962> would astro turf welcome mats work too?
[21:34] <ravenshad> ohmy AB that is an ouchie..
[21:34] <LadyMist> iych\
[21:34] <LadyMist> ouch even
[21:34] <AlstrBlck> remember those plastic mats you could put under your desk, with little nubs on the bottom to keep from slipping?
[21:34] <AlstrBlck> Greetings, lyric, and welcome.
[21:35] <ravenshad> protect a carpet from the casters on a chiar..
[21:35] <Roam-anan> we have a tiny flogger made from the thin strips of leather you make bracelets from.....about 4 inches long total, cute and mega stingy
[21:35] <AlstrBlck> try kneeling on one of those for 5 minutes...
[21:35] * Ron1962 blinks....I have one of those at work AlstrBlck.......could bring it home for a weekend......
[21:35] <ravenshad> that could be used on many different areas Roam-anan
[21:35] <AlstrBlck> Um, sorry about that raven.
[21:35] <ravenshad> OUCH AB!! :(((
[21:35] <intoit{N}> try sitting on one
[21:35] <Roam-anan> you got it raven!
[21:35] <LadyMist> <<-- chens says ... RICE... try kneeling on RICE
[21:35] <ravenshad> sitting on it after one's butt gets spanked would be pretty uncomfy bf..
[21:35] * Ron1962 smiles at intoit{N}....Thanks for the idea intoit{N}
[21:35] <ravenshad> ACK!!!! rice?? I heard that is BAD
[21:36] <LadyMist> LOL
[21:36] <AlstrBlck> lyric, do you have any nice homemade toys you could suggest?
[21:36] <AlstrBlck> course, the worst thing possible is... no, better not suggest it.
[21:36] <LadyMist> please?
[21:37] <ravenshad> what about the twist tops of soda bottles?? upside down on a wooden chair (nailed or glued into place)
[21:37] <Ron_ayli> Oh please do AlstrBlck
[21:37] <LadyMist> ouch
[21:37] <AlstrBlck> no, it's evil.  Everyone knows I am sadistic, no sense showing how truly evilly-sadistic I am.
[21:37] <ravenshad> go for it AB...
[21:37] <Ron_ayli> Gretings Dragon....and ayli
[21:37] <`lyric> I made a flogger...not very large from the insides of bungee cords.....very stingy ;)
[21:37] <ravenshad> LOL AB..too late
[21:37] <ravenshad> Ohhh..that would be stingy lyric!
[21:37] <ravenshad> sounds interesting though
[21:37] <AlstrBlck> well, sinc e you all insist....  tie them spread to a bed or something where they can't cover their ears, and then play a Barney cd over and over.
[21:37] <Ron_ayli> But we admire your evilness AlstrBlck........really
[21:38] <`lyric> its a pain ripping them apart though
[21:38] * LadyDragn goes and sits down quietly and listens
[21:38] <LadyMist> ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[21:38] * Ron_ayli looks at AlstrBlck.......Thats twisted AlstrBlck LOL
[21:38] <ravenshad> NNNNNNooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[21:38] <ravenshad> ROFL
[21:38] <LadyMist> yucka..,,,'GROSS
[21:38] <Roam-anan> Roamer said Brittany Spears would be even worse
[21:38] <ravenshad> nawww...
[21:38] <ravenshad> rap music!
[21:38] <AlstrBlck> you're right, that's not BDSM, that's torture, I'm sorry.
[21:38] <ravenshad> LOL AB
[21:39] <LadyMist> <<-- chensa says LM is singing Barney to her...
[21:39] <Roam-anan> how about some pleasure toy ideas?
[21:39] <Ron_ayli> *ayli*....If you get a good pair of steel siccors you can slip the piont into the bungee cord and slide it right up...stripping it easliy
[21:39] <AlstrBlck> but does bring up a very simple thing - headfones can be used as a sensory deprivation item, blocking out sounds.
[21:39] <ravenshad> ahhh..good one AB
[21:40] <LadyMist> <00 I have used them... and had them
[21:40] * LadyDragn suddenly has the Barney song stuck in her head......Thanks a lot AB...:}
[21:40] <ravenshad> LOLOL LD
[21:40] <Ron_ayli> Headphones and blindfolds while tied to a bed centers the attentions rather nicely
[21:40] <ravenshad> yes it does Ron
[21:40] <LadyMist>  I agree
[21:41] * Ron_ayli looks at raven....And for some people.....*looking at raven*......You need a gag.....
[21:41] <LadyDragn> not always Ron.......I have been known to go far away in that case...:}
[21:41] <AlstrBlck> Ron, for some people, the best gag is their own panties. ;}
[21:41] * ravenshad I'm nosiy..
[21:41] <LadyMist> lol
[21:41] * Ron_ayli smiles at Dragon.....I shall remember that lady
[21:41] * Ron_ayli smiles....Thanks AlstrBlck.....I will remeber that
[21:42] <ravenshad> what about more sensual toys rather than pain inducing toys?
[21:42] <AlstrBlck> fur.
[21:42] * Ron_ayli smiles.......Furry items....for rubbing?......
[21:42] <AlstrBlck> satin, silk.
[21:42] <Ron_ayli> ^5 AlstrBlck
[21:42] <gervaise_> corn starch for massage
[21:42] <Roam-anan> oil for massage
[21:42] <ravenshad> talcum powder as well gervaise :)
[21:42] <Ron_ayli> Corn starch?......hummm...thats a thought
[21:42] * LadyDragn blushes.......well...:}
[21:42] <AlstrBlck> baby oil, carefully warmed in a microwave, for massages.
[21:42] <LadyMist> course you could use the furry things AFTER the flogging for tickling...
[21:43] <ravenshad> yes LM..a nice combination of sensation..
[21:43] <LadyDragn> a little rope and a blindfold would put lil`dragn way out there...:}
[21:43] <Ron_ayli> *ayli*.....A newborns baby brush.....very soft bristles
[21:43] <ravenshad> yes ayli
[21:43] <Roam-anan> keeping a spray bottle of water in the fridge to be used after a spanking
[21:44] <AlstrBlck> aloe vera gel, kept in the fridge as well.
[21:44] * Ron_ayli smiles.....Nice Idea Roamer.........*ayli*.....Or Ice cubes.....for rubbing
[21:44] * Roam-anan smiles
[21:44] <ravenshad> tacing wheel from a sewing kit..
[21:45] * Ron_ayli blinks.....Do you have one ravenshad?
[21:45] * Ron_ayli smiles
[21:45] <ravenshad> yes I do ROn
[21:45] * Ron_ayli chuckles...Oh my
[21:45] <Roam-anan> whats a tacing wheel ?
[21:45] <gervaise_> try a fresh tightens up as it dries
[21:45] <Ron_ayli> Like a nero wheel.....
[21:45] <Roam-anan> k
[21:45] <ravenshad> it's not pointed like a neuro is rounder...
[21:45] <Roam-anan> didnt recognise the name
[21:45] <ravenshad> good idea gervause..
[21:45] <Ron_ayli> looks like a cowboys spur.....on a handle......
[21:45] <intoit{N}> hitches wheel is better gf
[21:46] <ravenshad> hitches wheel bf?
[21:46] <intoit{N}> witches even
[21:46] <ravenshad> Ahhh..
[21:46] <ravenshad> forks :)
[21:46] <intoit{N}> watching 2 classes at once gf
[21:46] <ravenshad> no problem bf :)
[21:47] <Ron_ayli> *ayli*.....The herbal facial massages feel really good too.....on places other than a face....*Ron*...and I would bet the ones that get hot would be wicked
[21:49] <ravenshad> tweezers?
[21:50] <ravenshad> the teeth on a comb?
[21:50] * Ron_ayli smiles.......How about warm moist towels...fresh out of the dryer.......for aftercare?
[21:50] <ravenshad> OHHHH..that would be good Ron
[21:51] <intoit{N}> hair dryers worl well 
[21:51] * Ron_ayli smiles.....or skip the small stuff and have a quilt/comforter in the dryer while you play......
[21:51] <intoit{N}> along with some heating body rubs
[21:51] <ravenshad> a heating pad..
[21:51] <AlstrBlck> body paints?
[21:52] <ravenshad> those are interesting
[21:52] <Ron_ayli> Ice packs......
[21:52] <ravenshad> we said ice packs.. LOL
[21:52] <AlstrBlck> just to toss out a cruel one - one of the tracks from the Hot Wheels sets, those long plastic ones - sting like a fucker.
[21:52] <ravenshad> OUCH!
[21:52] <Ron_ayli> Oh...sorry......*ayli*......but the  polar bear wanted to be sure you heard that raven....LOL 
[21:53] * ravenshad mutters something about sending the polar bear to the north pole..
[21:53] <Ron_ayli> Ohhh...drats...we dont own one of those...wonder if the 4 year old would like one.....*ayli*....There are train track sets in the closet Ron
[21:53] <ravenshad> gee thanks ayli
[21:53] <intoit{N}> and they said they were kids toys
[21:53] <Roam-anan> LOL
[21:53] <ravenshad> LOLOL bf
[21:54] * Ron_ayli watches ayli grin sadisticly......*ayli*....Your welcome raven
[21:54] <ravenshad> satin ribbons..tied together at one end..forms a very soft flogger..more for sensual touch than pain...
[21:54] * ravenshad sends ayli to the North Pole with Ron the Polar Bear
[21:54] * Ron_ayli smiles.....Who says I am not a kid?.......
[21:54] <ravenshad> velvet ribbons as well...
[21:54] <Roam-anan> seude
[21:55] <ravenshad> ohhh..suede..yummmmmmmmmmmmm
[21:55] <Ron_ayli> *ayli*....I am from the north I can handle it
[21:55] <intoit{N}> clothing
[21:55] <Roam-anan> scuse me while i amputate my digits .......
[21:55] <AlstrBlck> look, if you 3 don't stop talking about how hot it is down there, I'm coming down, I love the heat. <L>  ok, resume topic. 
[21:55] <ravenshad> no amputations allowed..
[21:55] <ravenshad> so..come on down AB..
[21:55] <ravenshad> clothing bf?
[21:55] <intoit{N}> your not here yet
[21:56] * Ron_ayli nods....Ohhhhh...nice....sueade and satin....what about silk cords?......could be put together and taken apart on a dowel with rubber bands in a few minutes....
[21:56] <ravenshad> brb ggp
[21:56] <intoit{N}> yes gf clothing for sensation ot for  looks
[21:56] <Roam-anan> Ron_ayli: yup
[21:57] * Ron_ayli smiles.....Come on down AlstrBlck.....we would welcome you into our door is always open to my friends
[21:57] <ravenshad> ahhh..yes bf
[21:57] <intoit{N}> a woll sweater worn with out a bra gf 
[21:57] * ravenshad is back btw
[21:57] <ravenshad> OUCH bf...
[21:57] <AlstrBlck> Ron, you wouldn't have room for me and all my stuff. <L>
[21:57] <intoit{N}> wool even
[21:57] <AlstrBlck> But, would like to visit at least.
[21:57] <Ron_ayli> *alyi*....Could knot the silk cords to give it a little bit of a bite.......
[21:57] <AlstrBlck> Got a basement for me to dwell in?
[21:58] <ravenshad> no AB...we're too close to the water line for a basement..
[21:58] * Ron_ayli grins.....ayli says....Thats what raven said AlstrBlck........
[21:58] <ravenshad> ahh..yes..and we got almost all of it put away..just need some shelves for the rest...
[21:59] * Ron_ayli thinks the 4 foot under the ground water table precludes basements in Florida
[21:59] <AlstrBlck> Got shelves for 1,000+ videos?  wait, don't answer, we're getting off-topic.
[21:59] * ravenshad giggles
[21:59] <ravenshad> a couch can be used as a spanking horse..
[21:59] <Roamer``> heheh
[21:59] <ravenshad> a coffee table can be a bench..
[21:59] <Ron_ayli> 1000 videos?......Yikes!.......We have a detached garage we could convert to a very small apartment
[21:59] <AlstrBlck> a weightbench is useful as a bondage table. ;}
[22:00] <ravenshad> yes AB
[22:00] <intoit{N}> ppl can be used as furniture
[22:00] <AlstrBlck> perfect, I'm as detached as they get!
[22:00] <ravenshad> true bf
[22:00] * Ron_ayli perks....We have a weight bench!
[22:00] * LadyDragn ponders small apartment.....<wink>
[22:00] <Ron_ayli> LOL AlstrBlck
[22:00] * LadyDragn giggles at AB
[22:00] <Ron_ayli> *ayli* to share a place with AlstrBlck?....LOL
[22:01] * ravenshad breaks out the tents...
[22:01] <Roamer``> LOL
[22:01] * Ron_ayli ponders expansion of the house and this extended and extensive family that is here....
[22:01] <AlstrBlck> Welcome to BondageFest...
[22:01] <intoit{N}> tent stakes atr nice toys
[22:01] <LadyDragn> ohh...tents......camping....nice sicluded<EG>
[22:01] <Ron_ayli> Tent stakes?...How so intoit{N}?
[22:02] <intoit{N}> to tie a a person to the ground
[22:02] <ravenshad> Hello Athelsten
[22:02] <ravenshad> ahhh..yes bf...those are good..
[22:02] <Roamer``> good evening Athelsten
[22:02] <LadyDragn> hello Athelsten....and welcome
[22:02] <ravenshad> LOL Ron
[22:02] <Ron_ayli> Ohhh....Yes that would work intoit{N}
[22:02] <Athelsten> Good evening all
[22:02] <Ron_ayli> Greetings Athelsten
[22:02] <ravenshad> what about neck ties? silk scarves? bathrobe ties?
[22:03] <AlstrBlck> don't forget thigh high's, raven.
[22:03] <ravenshad> yes..those are good
[22:03] <Ron_ayli> *ayli warns*....Silk scarfs can be dangerious...can be hard to get the knots out.....
[22:03] <ravenshad> yes ayli..thank you for tossing in the safety reminder..:))
[22:03] <ravenshad> always have a pair of siccors handy when doing bondage.. :)
[22:04] <AlstrBlck> that reminds me...  always have sharp object - scissors and/or a knife - handy.
[22:04] * Ron_ayli high 5's ayli!.....One for our team!
[22:04] <ravenshad> GMTA AB
[22:04] <ravenshad> fishing weights...
[22:04] <ravenshad> telephone cords...
[22:04] <Ron_ayli> Or use restrainst that have quick releases.....velcro is my favorite.......
[22:05] <ravenshad> Aha! Velcro!!!
[22:05] <ravenshad> has a soft side..and a scratchy side
[22:05] <Ron_ayli> Or learn knots like cargo knots that will not tighten...and will release in seconds......
[22:05] <LadyDragn> why not just use velcrro??  can be bought at wal mart by the foot....
[22:06] <Ron_ayli> Yes.....a velcro strap has possiblities........
[22:06] <ravenshad> that would be interesting...
[22:06] <gervaise_> bungee cords
[22:06] <Roamer``> velcro has many possibilities
[22:06] <intoit{N}> because one can remove oneself from valcro
[22:06] <ravenshad> true bf..but it makes for interesting sensations on the skin...
[22:07] <AlstrBlck> not a bad idea though, Ron.
[22:07] <LadyDragn> used the rough part of the vlecor to cross the nipples using the soft part around the back ..... now there is an idea...<EG>
[22:07] <intoit{N}> like getting hit with a mace
[22:07] * Ron_ayli smiles.....Oh a nice idea LadyDragn
[22:07] <ravenshad> Yes..that is an idea LD
[22:07] <ravenshad> can also use that through the crotch...
[22:07] <ravenshad>'s easily replaceable :)
[22:08] <LadyDragn> true.....:)
[22:08] <intoit{N}> would the rough side get hooked in the hair
[22:08] * Ron_ayli smiles at ravenshad
[22:08] <ravenshad> shave bf  :)
[22:08] <ravenshad> heck the velcro would make a good cock restraint..
[22:08] <intoit{N}> i am gf
[22:08] <AlstrBlck> If you want to make raven have an instant orgasm, throw your credit cards and money at her. <ROFL>
[22:08] * Ron_ayli perks...You do AlstrBlck? isnt the Barney song thing again is it....I am not that cruel....LOL
[22:08] <ravenshad> if you shave the area..the velcro won't stick to the hair...
[22:09] <ravenshad> naww..that doesn't work AB..:)
[22:09] <intoit{N}> or chocolate
[22:09] <ravenshad> Now..that would work if it's godiva :)
[22:09] <ravenshad> thanks bf :)
[22:11] <ravenshad> wire coat hangers...there's some serious pain
[22:11] <Ron_ayli> Wire?....Yikes!
[22:11] <ravenshad> true bf
[22:12] <Ron_ayli> Electric extension cords....*ayli*...The skirt hangers?......with the clips?.....instant nipple clamps
[22:12] * LadyDragn ponders raven's face if I was to melt godiva like that...:}
[22:14] * Ron_ayli thinks......What about hiden eyehooks in a ceiling beam?.......
[22:14] <ravenshad> that works..
[22:14] <ravenshad> hang a sub up
[22:14] <intoit{N}> any good subbie is not cheap gf
[22:14] <ravenshad> true bf
[22:14] <intoit{N}> look at you gf
[22:14] <ravenshad> I am cheap..and easy..and..many other things.. :)
[22:14] <ravenshad> I am TEASING
[22:14] * Ron_ayli blinks.....orders 10 lbs of Godive and a double boiler to melt it with......and wonders if ayli would pour it while raven is at the store or something....LOL
[22:15] <Athelsten> The eye hooks work well looks like we had alot of hanging plants here at one time
[22:15] <ravenshad> that's the best way to explain them Athelsten
[22:15] <intoit{N}> i think a point was missed here Ron
[22:17] <AlstrBlck> what about wooden dowels?  get a thick one, screw eyehooks in each in, instant stretcher bar.
[22:18] * Ron_ayli smiles....I think we have a 3 foot dowel somewhere around here......
[22:18] <Athelsten> The doweol spreader is nice one of the first things I made.
[22:18] <Athelsten> That is dowel rod. 
[22:18] <AlstrBlck> Ron, a 1 foot one is nice too.  Rope the ankles together, tie one end to one end, tie wrists together to the other end... ;}
[22:18] <ravenshad> thinner dowels can be used as canes..
[22:19] * Ron_ayli blinks.....picturing raven tied in such a manner.......
[22:19] * ravenshad blushes
[22:19] * LadyDragn gets ready to catch Ron's eye when they pop out
[22:19] <Roamer``> Ron_ayli: then you get the godiva out ..........sheer torture m8
[22:20] <ravenshad> ahh..but revenge would be sweet Roamer :)
[22:20] * intoit{N} thinks raven still looks good in blush
[22:20] <ravenshad> thanks bf :)
[22:20] * Ron_ayli ponders explaining a block and tackle hanging from the bedroom cieling to the kidlings....LOL
[22:20] <ravenshad> LOLOL
[22:20] <ravenshad> traction for my back :)
[22:20] <Roamer``> Ron_ayli: its to allow you move the bed easily Ron purposes etc
[22:20] <Ron_ayli> *ayli....Good excuse raven....
[22:20] <AlstrBlck> oh god, reminds me of 9 TO 5, where they had a garage door opener mounted above the bed....
[22:21] * ravenshad remembers what was under the bed just a month ago..and the major dust binne colonies everywhere...
[22:21] <ravenshad> nawww..wouldn't work..
[22:21] <Roamer``> ravenshad: did i say he did it ? ..nope .just "for cleaning purposes"
[22:21] <ravenshad> LOLOL AB
[22:21] <Ron_ayli> LOL......Moi?....clean?.....Oh you need to know me better Roamer``.....LOL
[22:21] <ravenshad> true didn't say that..
[22:21] <ravenshad> broomsticks?
[22:21] <Roamer``> <--aint dumb hehehehe
[22:21] <Ron_ayli> Broomsticks?......for what?....dildos?
[22:21] <ravenshad> no..spreader bars..suspension bars..
[22:21] <Ron_ayli> ^5 Roamer``
[22:22] <intoit{N}> hell no that can cause slivers
[22:22] <Roamer``> Ron_ayli: ^5
[22:22] * Ron_ayli sighs in relief.........Thank goodness for that ravenshad
[22:22] <LadyDragn> Broomstick beind back arms wraped around it and wrists tied together in front .....
[22:22] <intoit{N}> true gf just a tad small though
[22:23] <intoit{N}> makes doing chores a challange
[22:23] <ravenshad> yes bf
[22:23] * Ron_ayli smiles....Thanks for the idea Dragon!....*huggles*
[22:23] <intoit{N}> try doing dishes like that
[22:23] <AlstrBlck> if you go to some out of the way fishing/sports store - not a chain, but a mom/pop type place, they sometimes sell bamboo fishing poles.  I had 1, cut it down into 4 3' pieces.
[22:23] <ravenshad> damn bf..
[22:23] * Roamer`` just had a really sick image ........based on intoit{N} 's last statement .........
[22:24] <ravenshad> ut oh to share?
[22:24] <LadyDragn> broomstick behind knees with elbos on opposit sides and wrists tied in front of the shins
[22:24] <ravenshad> and what did you use the poles for AB?
[22:24] <Roamer``> ravenshad: only if you think of using a broomstick as a dildo ..........
[22:24] <ravenshad> interesting bondage positions LD
[22:24] <LadyDragn> makes a person into a little toy ball...:)
[22:24] <AlstrBlck> I'm an old fart, raven, I use em for walking. :(
[22:24] <ravenshad> ACK!!! :((((( no thanks Roamer..I'm sick but not that sick...
[22:24] <ravenshad> bullshti AB
[22:24] <Roamer``> ravenshad: thoguh so .....told ya it was sick
[22:25] <AlstrBlck> I stand corrected, I did cane someone once, only chance I had to.
[22:25] * Ron_ayli smiles......I know just where I can get a bamboo poles......
[22:26] <ravenshad> willow switches.. :)
[22:26] <intoit{N}> a 2x4 and some rope or belts are good posture devices
[22:26] <ravenshad> true bf
[22:26] * Ron_ayli thinks of bamboos cages....or frames........for tieing certain birdies to.......
[22:26] <ravenshad> cages?
[22:27] <intoit{N}> yes kennel cages
[22:27] * Ron_ayli smiles.......Yes....put up and taken down in seconds......
[22:29] <LadyDragn> you could take two 2x4s with cut outs for wrists.....kinda making stocks for the wrists....and then taking that with the eyebolts in the celing...where you normally hang plants from.....:}
[22:29] <Ron_ayli> *ayli suggests getting a Maccaw bird.....for the cage......
[22:30] * Ron_ayli nods....That would work Dragon
[22:30] <LadyDragn> set the two boards in the corner of a closit when not in used 
[22:32] <ravenshad> Torch, you have any ideas for household items that can be used as toys?
[22:33] <TORCH> sure, how about a turkey baster?
[22:33] <ravenshad> use it how?
[22:35] * Ron_ayli thinks turkey basters could be used for hot or cold douches.....
[22:35] <ravenshad> Torch, how would you use a turkey baster?
[22:36] * Ron_ayli wonders if an Icewater douch would be an interesting sensation.....
[22:36] * LadyDragn thinks of an ice water douch fallowed by a warm one...or vice versa
[22:36] <TORCH> exactly
[22:36] <ravenshad> ohmy
[22:36] <ravenshad> that would be interesting
[22:36] <ravenshad> anything else Torch?
[[22:37] <Athelsten> If you take the baster and cut it in half sand the edges it works as a suction device for nipples
[22:37] <ravenshad> share them Torch!
[22:37] * Ron_ayli nods.....I think a warm one after cold can feel very very HOT
[22:37] <ravenshad> Ohhh..yes..good idea Athelsten
[22:37] <ravenshad> ohmy
[22:37] <LadyDragn> or take a condom fill with water and put in the dildo??
[22:37] * Ron_ayli blinks.......Oh...nice one Athelsten.....
[22:38] <TORCH> or just use a plain flavored popsicle
[22:38] * Ron_ayli smiles....Thats my idea Dragon....and whenever I mention it raven looks at me like I have gone crazy....Not a long trip I admit......
[22:38] <ravenshad> I don't exactly want frost bite in that area thanks anyway Ron.. :)
[22:38] <TORCH> lol
[22:39] <LadyDragn> yes..popsicles would work....and add an interesting taste...:)
[22:39] <ravenshad> what about fudgsickles??? 
[22:39] <TORCH> yes i like to create differents taste sensations
[22:39] <TORCH> mmmm very good raven!
[22:40] <LadyDragn> take a popsicle and run the tip of it around the nipples.....or just use ice for that matter.....than suck on it with a warm mouth......<G>
[22:40] <ravenshad> that is an interesting sensation..
[22:40] <LadyDragn> interesting sensation for both I would think..:)
[22:42] <ravenshad> hey go with that wool sweater no about wool socks on a man's penis??
[22:42] * Ron_ayli smiles....Oh Dragon...that sounds like a very good idea to add flavor to a nipple......
[22:42] <intoit{N}> yes then played with
[22:42] * Ron_ayli blinks....And you call me a Brat?...a wool sock on Mr Happy?....No way!
[22:42] * LadyDragn smiles at Ron.....sounds like something we should try.....on someone....when I get a chance to
[22:43] <intoit{N}> if you need a volenteer
[22:43] * Ron_ayli smiles at Dragon....It does sound like an idea doesnt it Dragon..........
[22:43] * LadyDragn smiles so very sweetly at raven
[22:43] * Ron_ayli wonders if intoit and Nymph could concide visits.........
[22:43] <TORCH> i am still here
[22:43] <Ron_ayli> whoops
[22:44] <intoit{N}> yes we could
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