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 Welcome to #Leather_and_Roses, please make yourself at home. Below are the basic channel rules, and those that are specific to a slave within the channel. 

The General Channel Rules: 

  1. Respect of all guests. Free/Dominant and slave alike 
  2. No participation with rapesex channels, bestiality channels, incest channels, or any channel dealing with children (anyone under age 18) is allowed while you are in LnR. If you are in one of those channels you will be kicked and possibly banned 
  3. No trolling, this includes private messaging without first obtaining in channel permission,  advertising your wants/needs in open channel, looking for cybersex 
  4. Open sex is frowned upon but scenes and discussions are encouraged. If you start a scene in channel and it becomes sexual, please take it into a pm window (on gor this is known as going into an alcove, and a nick change should be made to reflect this by adding -alc to your nick.
  5. The basic gorean formalities and rituals are now used within LnR. (The pages which give this information will be on the site soon, until they are any channel op and many of the slaves, can provide you with information.)
  6. As a discussion room slaves have permission to add to the discussion freely unless otherwise ordered by their Owner as long as it is respectful.(If a slave is in service, she must have permission of the Domniant he/she is serving before adding to the discussion)


    Rules specific to a slave within LnR. 

    Addressing The Free:
    Since basic gorean formalities are now being used in LnR, slaves will address Free Men as "Master" or "Jarl" and all Free Women as "Mistress" or "Lady". Check the person's whois for gender, if the words Jarl or Lady appear in the whois, this often indicates that this is the title that person wishes a slave to use when addressing them. If you are unsure of the gender, use Master until told otherwise. LnR is not "on Gor" and some who frequent LnR are not gorean. Beacuse of this the honorifics Sir and Ma'am are also acceptable in LnR, provided they are used respectfully. Those who are gorean trained, should use the gorean honorifics.

    Attitude and Behavior:
    All slaves are required to be polite, respsectful, obedient and pleasing at all times. They are expected to behave in a pleasing manner. If you have a problem with someone in channel, message any channel op for assistance. If you are having a personal disagreement with another in the channel, please take it into a pm window. LnR is considered a public forum, and as such, personal arguments will not be allowed. If there is more than one person involved, create a private channel and take the argument in there. Yelling from a slave, will not be tolerated. Any slave who yells will be warned to stop doing so and if they continue they will be kick/banned from channel at the ops disretion. All submissive's are required to keep cursing to a minimum. Cursing is considered bad manners, and a slave should exhibit good manners at all times. This includes yelling through capital letters. Such behaviors will get the slave warned, reprimanded, possibly punished, kicked from channel or even banned (depending on situation, ops discretion, restrictions on the slave.)

    Slaves need not beg to enter LnR. However, they must beg all else. For example a slave must beg to go afk (away from keyboard), brb (be right back), to return from afk or brb, or to leave the channel. A girl can beg three times, each one two minutes apart. After the third request, if a Free person still has not responded, the slave can consider the request granted. If a r/l situation arises that requires your immediate attention, a slave should type 911 in the channel and just go ahead and leave. The slave can always explain when they return. A slave is required to change their nick when they go afk or brb (for example: raven{Az}-afk shows that raven{Az} is afk.). The slave should not change their nick back to normal, until after they receive permission to return. Further, a slave who is in the channel, but has been idle for more than 30 minutes, will be kicked. The slave is free to return when they get back to their computers. Sitting in the channel idle without stating that you are going AFK or involved in r/l stuff, is not allowed.

    If there are no Free who need service, and there is no discussion taking place that the slave wishes to participate in, then a slave should keep themselves busy doing chores around the keep. This can be anything from washing dishes, to sweeping the floors, to preparing food for cooking. Doing chores is another way for a slave to show their desire to please and their submissivenes while on IRC.

    Consent and Participation (punishment is in a section by itself)
    All slaves will remember that it is the dominants within the room who are in charge. Collared slaves, and slaves who have protectors, can also message an op for assistance if their owner or protector is not available and another dominant is attempting to force them to do something they can not do (goes against your restrictions or are not trained for). If that dominant refuses to obey the restrictions or take no for an answer the collared slave can message an op for assistance.(Channel ops will NOT protect a collared girl from her owner, or her protector.) Since LnR is now using the gorean formalities and rituals, it is important that slaves keep in mind that an un-owned slave, on gor, is thus available to be used by any free person in any manner. However, as LnR is basing itself more realistically than is found in the gor books (and other channels), consent does play a role. Un-owned slaves, can expect (In LnR anyway) to be protected by the channel ops from being forced to provide sexual service, a bdsm scene, or force collared against their wishes within LnR. If an un-owned slave finds themselves in one of those situations, (force collar, dominant demanding cyber sex or bdsm play) the slave can message an op for assistance. This does not mean that you can't participate if you really want to. If you wish to participate in the scene, force collar or sexual service then by all means you are free to do so.

    Discussions and Private Conversations:
    Conversation and discussions are encouraged in LnR, be they about bdsm, gor, m/s relationships, or just friends discussing recent events in their lives. Many of the regulars of the channel have known each other for quite some time and will talk about such things as jobs, children, or whatever. Such discussions are allowed. If you wish a conversation to remain private, then take it into a pm window.
    In most cases, if a topic of discussion is raised in the channel by a Free Person, it is best if a slave asks permission to comment or to speak freely, if they wish to speak on that topic.

    New To M/s, BDSM, and/or Gor:
     Any submissive who is new to D/s and/or IRC can message an op or another submissive for assistance. Most of us will be happy to help out if we can. It is a good idea to add -obs to your nick. This way everyone in channel will know you are new, and not expect you to behave within the gorean formalities until you have learned more. The channel operators, first girl (raven{Az}), second girl (ayli{Kil}, and other slaves will all be more than willing to answer questions and help a new person learn. Please seek out a channel op, raven or ayli for assistance if they are there.

    Private Messaging Other Channel Members:
    It is a good idea to ask permission before private messaging other people in the channel. It is required that a slave ask before messaging a dominant. However, it is not required to do so before messaging a slave, but it is encouraged that you ask first simply to be polite. Anyone who has ops ( @ ) can be messaged at any time without prior permission. This does not mean they can be trolled. If you troll an op you will be kicked.  

    Collared/protected girls: Girls who are collared to LnR can expect to be reprimanded and/or punished by any channel op unless Master AAhhzz has placed a specific punishment restriction upon you for this. Girls who are collared to other channels, have a protector in thier whois, or who have a specific Master/Mistress can be verbally reprimanded in LnR. On Gor, a collared girl can be punished by any Free Person. LnR bases itself more realisticaly however. So, should a collared/protected girl's behavior warrant a corporal punishment, whether or not it is given in LnR will depend on a few things. If the girl is owned/protected/restricted from punishment by all except her owner, then most likely she will receive a verbal reprimand and her owner/protector will be informed of her behavior, thus leaving any corporal punishment to the owner/protector. (At the ops discretion) If the girl is not restricted, it will be at the ops discretion whether or not punishment is given. The same goes for girls who have a protector.

    Un-owned girls work a bit differently. The consent of the girl is requred, as it would be in real life. Consent need not be verbal. Consent is considered granted if the slave simply stays in the channel after being told their behavior has earned them a corporal punishment (such as a whipping) and/or if he girl participates in the punishment scene by typing an agreeable response such as "Kneels to the whip". An un-owned girl can appeal to a channel op for intervention if she believes that a punishment is not truly warranted. If the channel op believes the punishment to be warranted, they will inform the slave of this. Then the slave has two options, accept the punishment they earned or leave the channel and accept the reprecussions of their leaving.

    If a channel operator believes the punishment was warrented, and the slave leaves the channel rather than accept the punishment they earned, then an owned or protected slave can expect that their owner/protector will be notified and uncollared girls can expect to be banned from channel (at the ops discretion).

    Service & #LnR-Pens:
    Slaves will be required to offer service in LnR. If a slave offers and the Free Person does not respond, the slave can restate the offer (or some other action such as *peeks up at Master soandos") 3 times, each 2 minutes apart. If no answer is given after the third offer, the slave can (and should) back away quietly "Seeing that Master so and so is busy". Specific types of service will depend on the restrictions placed on the slave, the slave's training level, and the comfort level of the slave. Serving such things as beverages or food, dancing, holding conversations with a Free Person and such, are standard service and all slaves with even a small amount of training, should be able to provide those types of services. However, things such as cyber sex, cyber scenes, massages and such, usualy depend upon the restrictions and training level of the girl. It is a slave's responsibility to inform a Free Person of their restrictions if the free asks for something they are not allowed to serve. Should the Free insist upon that service, after being informed the slave is restricted, the slave should msg a channel op for assistance. To learn more about serving on IRC see IRC Serves. Pages which give information on the gorean serves and such are in the process of being placed on the site. Slaves should also be in the channel #LnR-Pens while in LnR, unless they have been told by their owner that they can not co-channel. The pens are where the slaves co-ordinate serving, help each other out, and where training is given. The channel bot for the pens is "blackrose{LnR}. When in service, a slaves attention should be focused on the person they are serving. This means the slave should not respond to other slaves, people entering or leavng the channel or any other statement or action made by anyone other than the person they are serving. Once the serve itself is complete, if the slave is asked to stay with that free person, the slave can request permission to "greet and speak freely". If permission is granted, then the slave can speak to others. If it is not granted, then the slave can not speak or respond to anyone but the Free person they are serving. Sitting on a lap, whispering in a pm and any other action that puts a slave with one specific Free person, counts as serving. If you are sitting with a free person and they go afk without dismissing you, once they are gone for 10 minutes you can consider yourself released from their service and return to your owner's furs or the serving furs.

    Slave Clothing:
    Uncollared slaves, in many gorean rooms, are considered to be naked. In LnR, the slave can describe themselves as naked, or as wearing a ta-teera if they prefer to not be naked. Owned slaves will be in whatever clothing their owner or protector has given them. If the owner or protector has given them no clothing, then the slave will be naked.

    Slave Heat and Red-Silk Serves:
    Slave heat is often used to describe the physical arousal of a slave, or it is used as another term for the female genitalia. When this is used, by a slave, it usualy means they are both available and wanting sexual use. If you are restricted from sexual use by your owner, do NOT use "slave heat" in your serves. If you are not restricted, but do not wish to participate in sexual use, leaving "slave heat' out of your serves can often be a subtle way of telling the Free that you are unwilling for sexual use.

    Slave Speech:
    A slave is allowed to speak in first person in LnR as this is how slaves tend to speak most often in r/l. However, if a slave is ordered to "speak as a slave" then the slave will use third person speech until granted permission to stop speaking that way. If a slave is in trouble, begging mercy, being verbally reprimanded or receiving a corporal punishment, third person speech is required.


    Please remember that a slave's collar carries with it the honor and reputation of their owner, whether that owner be a single person, a couple, or a channel. A slave's behavior reflects upon their owner as well as themselves.



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