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Scenes are play sessions and can be as simple as an over the knee spanking to a full blown suspension scene ending with intercourse and every variant in between. Scening on IRC is different as it is all words. Many people can not do it at all and others enjoy it immensely, even to the point of becoming aroused in real life. There are no real rules for scening on IRC, but I have been asked many times a few questions about scenes, so I thought I'd write a little bit about them. This is my opinion only and in no way represents any type of all inclusive rules.  

First off, channels all seem to have different rules regarding scenes. Some channels love to have all kinds of scenes done in channel, other channels will ask that you take the scene into private. Some have limits as to what is allowed in channel and what is not. If you are planning a scene with a dominant or submissive be sure to check the channel policy with an op first. This can help discourage embarrassment and avoid unnecessary arguments.  

A scene in channel is considered the same as a scene in public, like a scene at a play party or D/s club in real life. The others in the channel should be relatively quiet and watch the scene. That is respectful of the people who are scening. If the scene gets too heavy for you, you can always leave channel.  

Another aspect to a scene done in channel, is to be sure of your partners limits and comfort level about scening in public. It is a good idea to have a private window open to the person you are scening with to ensure they are comfortable with what you are doing. This also allows for a submissive to ask the dominant to stop without feeling he/she has let the dominant down in public. Of course, this is of personal choice, as is everything regarding a scene.  

There is of course the spontaneous scene done in channel, just sort of happens through slight play building to more. If this happens or you think it might happen, and you are not aware of the channel rules on scening, it is a good idea to message an op and ask.  

Now, for those submissives who prefer not to scene in channel, or not to scene at all, bratting in channel is a bad idea then. Bratting is purposely misbehaving to force a reaction from a dominant. Something that is done often on IRC but usually not done as often in real life. There is a difference between bratting and goofing off. IRC is for fun, so there is a lot of goofing off, but bear in mind goofing off can quickly cross the line to bratting when you mess with a dominant. So be careful who you mess with. If you are looking for a scene, that of course is your choice.  

Scening in private is a lot easier to do than scening in public. As any type of D/s play should be safe, sane and consensual so should scening on IRC. Know your partner and be sure limits have been discussed. Be sure your likes and dislikes have been discussed. IRC is a great place to live out your fantasies and create new ones, but try and remember there is a real person typing those words that you see on your screen. And those words hold more power than you think. I stress honesty in any relationship, this is included in scening on IRC. (my opinion of course). If someone wants you to do something you just don't feel comfortable doing, you have the little X which closes the window, use it.  

Never force someone to scene with you, rape is rape whether it is in real life or on IRC and can be just as devastating on IRC. There is of course the role play of a rape scene, that is different as it falls under a consensual role play activity. But to truly force someone to scene with you, does not fall under consensual.  

Some dominant's ask the submissive to follow his/her orders in real life. Asking the submissive to touch themselves, masturbate, or other types of cross over scening. This is of course your choice of whether to follow along or not. But like everything else it should be consensual. Do not feel that you have to follow the order of someone in real life just because they have a capitalized nick.  

Most of all, scening is for fun and enjoyment. So relax and have a bit of fun.  

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