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IRC is a creature of it's own right. It is technically fantasy, but most people find it is really a different kind of reality. Many people are as affected in real life by the words that appear on the screen, as if it were happening to them right then and there in person. For those of us who frequent the D/s channels on IRC, it is as close to a real D/s group as it can be. There are two sections that I have found to the lifestyle of D/s on IRC..the standard D/s channel and Gor. These pages do not cover Gor, those I will place under a separate section. 

The basics that a submissive on IRC should know are respect and the ability to serve. Respect is simple, be polite and address the dom/mes as Sir or Ma'am (some channels prefer Lord, Lady, Master or Mistress find a channel that fits your comfort level). Now respectful does not mean be a doormat. It is my opinion that respect should go both ways, from sub to dom/me and from dom/me to sub. 

Serving, well now this is an interesting one. Many people have their own opinion on serving through IRC. Some say they feel like a waiter or waitress, some say it's just plain stupid. Personally I find it to be a good way to show my submissiveness on IRC. Many channels don't do this but many do, so here is the basis for a good serve, from what I have seen and opinions I have gathered over a year. 

Step 1: walk to the bar/kitchen/serving area 

Step 2: get the cup/mug/glass whatever..(usually they are on a high shelf allowing the sub to describe their physical attributes) 

Step 3: prepare the drink or food and place it on a tray 

Step 4: carry the tray back to the Dom/me you are serving 

Step 5: kneel before the Dom/me offering the contents of the tray 

Step 6: after the beverage is accepted you will either be released to serve others or asked to stay by the Dom/me..the choice is up to you. But usually you thank the dom/me for allowing you to serve them 

IRC is not visual, it takes some imagination. The idea behind a serve is to create a mini scene so the people in the channel can almost see you moving. The words should be alluring enough to capture and hold most of the dominant's attention. This does not mean your serve should take 45 minutes. But it should be descriptive. Sample serves are below for you to use as a guideline. (These serves were done with anonymous nicks and are not meant to reflect anyone's real online nick, if they do sorry) Serving takes time, and should reflect your personal style, copying from another submissive is not polite. My personal opinion is that a serve should not be done via popups, as the idea behind serving is to show your submissiveness, which includes your individuality. Popups do not allow you to show your individuality, nor do they allow you to tailor your serve to the person you are serving. When serving someone you know, it's a nice addition to add a small personal touch or two to the serve. Make the person feel special, as a submissive would. 

example 1 
example 2 
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Serve 1 
<MasterJoe> alyssa are you busy? 
[19:49] * aylissa smiles softly 
[19:49] <aylissa> no MasterJoe, Sir i'm not busy :) 
* MasterJoe smiles to aylissa. 
<MasterJoe> Would you get me a cup of coffee please? 
[19:50] <aylissa> yes of course Sir :) 
[19:52] * aylissa smiles softly and rises to her feet to walk across the main hall, white silks fluttering gently as she moves into the serving area. she moves to the counter and hops up with ease. 
* MasterJoe watches as aylissa moves off 
[19:53] * aylissa reaches up to the very top shelf careful not to tip herself or catch the chains on her form on anything as she moves, finding the perfect cup she smiles and sets it gently down next to her on the counter and hops down with a grin 
* MasterJoe watches appreciatively as aylissa stretches 
[19:55] * aylissa smoothes her silks back into place and smiles shyly at Master Joe then moves to place the cup on her tray, also adding a sugar bowl, then moving to the refrigerator to remove the creamer and places it on the tray as well.. as a finishing touch she places a black linen napkin at the top of the tray setting a freshly cut pink rose against it 
[19:57] * aylissa smiles, then fills the cup with freshly brewed coffee and picks it up to carry it across the hall to kneel in front of MasterJoe, with her back straight, knees slightly parted, head held high, eyes lowered in respect. 
* MasterJoe watches aylissa approach and smiles.. 
[19:57] * aylissa smiles softly and offers the tray up to him.. in a small soft voice she says.. 
[19:58] <aylissa> i hope you find this drink and the service of it pleasing Sir 
* MasterJoe watches aylissa approach and smiles.. 
* MasterJoe reaches out and takes the cup of coffee, adding a small spoonful of sugar and sits back.. 
* MasterJoe takes a sip of the coffee and sets the cup on the table beside him.. 
[19:59] * aylissa smiles softly and lowers the tray to the floor 
[19:59] * aylissa allows her hands to come to rest on her thighs palms up 
* MasterJoe leans down and picks up the rose, placing it gently behind aylissa's ear careful of any thorns.. 
<MasterJoe> you have done well, aylissa. I am most pleased by your service, thank you. 
[20:00] * aylissa smiles softly 
<MasterJoe> you may go back to where you were, or stay by my side if you wish. 
[20:00] <aylissa> thank you for allowing me to serve you MasterJoe, Sir 
* MasterJoe smiles 
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Serve 2 

* nylara smiles to MissCarla, can I get you anything Ma'am? 
[20:05] <MissCarla> yes nylara.. I think I would like some juice perhaps.. yes.. orange juice sounds nice 
<nylara> Yes Ma'am :) 
[20:06] * MissCarla smiles softly at nylara 
* nylara rises to her feet, bows gracefully to MissCarla and turns on one heel. Her pale blue silks swirling lightly about her thighs allowing a brief glimpse of the creamy flesh beneath. her dark brown hair sweeps across her shoulder blades as she crosses the hall with a graceful ease to the kitchen.. 
* nylara turns to the shelves and rises on her toes, her lithe body lengthening, her silks rising higher on her thighs and clinging gently to her curves, the muscles in her shapely limbs standing taut as she reaches up and retrieves a tall glass.. 
* nylara sets the glass on the counter and turns to the refrigerator, removes the pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice and turns back. Carefully she fills the glass and returns the pitcher to it's spot.. 
* nylara prepares a silver serving tray..placing a lace edged white linen napkin upon the tray and sets the glass atop it. She adds to the tray a single white rose. She lifts the tray, holding it close to her form and moves out of the kitchen 
* nylara crosses the hall with a feline grace, a gentle sway to her hips, her silks fluttering across her upper thighs with each step. Her dark brown eyes sparkling with the pleasure of serving as she pauses before MissCarla 
[20:11] * MissCarla watches nylara with interest 
* nylara slips to her knees in a single fluid movement, her thighs slightly parted ankles together, toes curled and brings her bottom to rest upon her heels. Her back slightly arched pressing her breasts against her silks..her head held proudly eyes lowered and lifts the tray up offering it's contents.. 
<nylara> MissCarla, Ma'am, may this orange juice refresh you and may my service of it be pleasing to you. 
[20:12] * MissCarla smiles softly and takes the glass from the tray.. then taking a sip from it.. 
* nylara feels the weight of the glass leave the tray and lowers her slender arms bringing the tray to rest upon her thighs. 
[20:13] <MissCarla> yes nylara... you did a wonderful job.. thank you 
<nylara> thank you for allowing me to serve you Ma'am.. 
[20:13] * MissCarla smiles 
<nylara> You are welcome Ma'am, it is my pleasure to serve. 

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There are many variances on a serve, find what is comfortable for you and reflects your personality. Practice in a private channel, or a message window with a friend. Take pride in the fact that you can serve and do it well. Yes IRC is fantasy, but even fantasies are nice. 

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