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Welcome to #Leather_and_Roses, please make yourself at home. Below are the basic channel rules, and those that are specific to a dominant within the channel. The word "dominant" is used below and refers to all Free Men, Free Women, dominants (male and female alike), Masters, or Mistresses etc.

The general channel rules: 

  1. Respect of all guests. Free/Dominant and slave alike 
  2. No participation with rapesex channels, bestiality channels, incest channels, or any channel dealing with children (anyone under age 18) is allowed while you are in LnR. If you are in one of those channels you will be kicked and possibly banned 
  3. No trolling, this includes private messaging without first obtaining in channel permission,  advertising your wants/needs in open channel, looking for cyber sex 
  4. Open sex is frowned upon but scenes and discussions are encouraged. If you start a scene in channel and it becomes sexual, please take it into a pm window (on gor this is known as going into an alcove, and a nick change should be made to reflect this by adding -alc to your nick.)
  5. The basic gorean formalities and rituals are now used within LnR.
  6. As a discussion room slaves have permission to add to the discussion freely unless otherwise ordered by their Owner as long as it is respectful.(If a slave is in service, she must have permission of the Domniant he/she is serving before adding to the discussion)

Rules specific to a dominant within LnR. 

Arguments, respect and such: 
All dominants are required to be polite and courteous as long as the situation allows it. If you have a problem with anyone in the channel, please message an op for assistance. If you are having a personal disagreement with another in the channel, take it into a private message window (if more than two people are involved, create a private channel for you all to go in and take the argument there) or both/all participants will be kicked. This is considered a public forum, not a place for you to hash out arguments or grudges. 
Try to keep yelling through capital letters to a minimum. A dominant should always be in control of him/herself. Yelling is considered out of control behavior, or an indication that your control is slipping. Insistent yelling at people within the channel will earn you a warning to calm down. If you must leave the channel to regain control you are free to do so. If a warning is ignored or met with increased yelling, you will be kicked and possibly banned for up to 24 hours or more at the individual channel ops discretion.

As a dominant in the channel you have the right to request service. Since the channel now uses basic gorean formalities, slaves are required to serve within their restrictions (should they have any). Online serving is one of the few ways a slave has on IRC to show their submissiveness and desire to please. When being served, be attentive to the slave who is serving you, it is only polite. When requesting service (or accepting an offer of service) it is best to be aware of the girl's restrictions if you want something more than a beverage and such.

Please remember that your status as a dominant does not mean you can bully or push a slave into doing something they truly do not want to do. We are trying to keep LnR a reality based channel. Because of this, forced collarings and IRC kills are not tolerated, recognized, or accepted in LnR. We expect that the dominants in the channel, will treat the slaves (that are uncollared, or owned by another person) the same way they would in real life.

Punishment Of A Slave
All slaves in LnR are expected to behave as a slave, in a respectful and pleasing manner. All {LnR}owned girls, can be reprimanded or punished by any channel operator unless Aahhzz has specifically restricted the girl for some reason. Verbal reprimands are not the same as corporal punishment. All slaves (regardless of their owned status) can expect verbal reprimands if their behavior warrants it. However, should the slave’s behavior be bad enough to warrant a corporal punishment, this is directly affected by their owned status. Many privately owned slaves are restricted from another Free punishing them physically. In this case, it may be best verbally reprimand the girl and then inform her owner of her behavior, leaving any corporal punishment up to the owner. The same goes for girls who have “protected by so and so” in their whois. Un-owned slaves are a different story. In Gor channels, any Free Person can punish un-owned girls, whose behavior earns them a corporal punishment. This also occurs in some real life m/s groups. However, this tends to vary by group in r/l and by channel on IRC. So it has been decided in LnR that un-owned girls who have earned a punishment be informed that their behavior has earned this result and that staying is giving consent for the punishment. If the slave then stays in the channel, she is giving consent to the punishment and the Free Person is free to do the punishment. If the slave leaves, then it is up to the op whether or not to apply a ban on the girl. If, after a punishment or during it, the slave complains that consent was not given, she can be informed again that consent is considered “granted” by the slave staying in the channel. If complaints continue, then it is at the ops discretion to kick and/or ban the girl.

Channel Operators
Anyone who has ops ( @ ) can be messaged at any time without prior permission. This does not mean they can be trolled. If you troll an op you will be kicked and banned. 

Co-channeling is always allowed for the Free and in LnR it is allowed for the slaves. However, if it appears a co-channeling slave can not keep up with more than one channel, then they will be asked by an op to choose just one channel. If the slave does not respond to such a request within 2 minutes (allowing for slow typers) then they will be kicked and banned for 24 hours.

Posting To LnROps Group
Please post to the LnR Ops group any bans and the reasons for them. If there is a dispute over the post, please have the log available as an explanation. This is done so every channel op is aware of any bans placed by another op and the reason for those bans. Also, post to the LnR Ops list possible trouble makers so that all ops are informed of anyone that should be watched closely.

Slave Rules
It is a good idea for all channel ops and Free Persons in LnR to be aware of the rules governing the slaves. This way they can be enforced.

Most of the regulars of LnR have real life experience, to varying degrees.  Please remember, LnR is now using the basic gorean rituals and formalities. Many of these reflect or are similar to the rituals and formalities found in real life master/slave relationships. If you find these rituals and rules unacceptable to you, please feel free to go elsewhere.






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