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In this section you will find many areas from which you can purchase items. We have tried to present as many items as we can that are lifestyle related. If you have any comments place submit them via the submission form by clicking here

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BDSM Toy Box Collars, floggers, crops, paddles, adult toys, clothing, and more! Everything you need for your toy bag, and some you just want!
BDSM Resource Books Sells books related to learning more about the lifestyle.
BDSM Erotic Fiction Books to entice the imagination and arouse the mind with fictional bdsm scenarios
General Resource Books Books on STD's, Safe Sex, First Aid and more
Relationship Related Books Books on relationships, communiation, healing abuse, and more
Mizu's Metalworking Collars, floggers and other items hand made of chain mail
BDSM Videos Videos related to the BDSM Lifstyle (Fiction, non fiction, bdsm orientated movies)
Music Store Music to scene to!

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