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There is a general nostalgic and romantic conception amongst Masters and slaves. It is the conception of Masters going to a slave market, and select a slave, or bid for a slave on auction, after briefly inspecting them. The selection of slaves here is made almost purely on physical aspects and appearance.

While this might be an ancient tradition, nostalgic and even romantic, it is a great misconception in modern day consensual slavery. A misconception so big that it leaves many slaves, Masterless as a result.

It is indeed the slave who first goes through the selection progress, of carefully selecting a suitable Master for her.

Yes, I know, this sounds absurd and upside down, but this is the way it has to be.

The process of selection is not unlike finding employment. The employee (slave) first matches her basic skills, capabilities, and experience with those required by an employer (Master). Once a suitable employer (Master) has been located, the employee (slave) now proceeds in applying (slave petition) for the employment. After an application (slave petition) has been received by an employer (Master), the employer (Master) now proceeds to select the most suitable applicants (slaves), for an interview, and eventually hires (collars) those, that match the employers (Master) requirements, needs and wants.

As unromantically as it sounds, the slave is initially the only one who can properly judge if she can meet, fulfill and serve a Masters requirements, needs and wants, and match it against her own desires.

Think about it realistically. With all the demands, requirements and expectations a Master has on a slave within an Absolute Slavery, APE or TPE commitment, it is imperative that a slave initially ensures herself that she can meet what is asked of her, without even being influenced by a Master in any way or form.

No Master, no matter how experienced or God-like can initially make the needed judgments better then the slave herself.

Once a Master has been located who service requirements match the desires and capabilities of the aspiring slave, she must now start the most important task, to examine the potential Masters values, principles, standards, morals, ethics and beliefs and contemplate in all seriousness if she truly can serve the Master, absolutely and unconditional.

The importance of the examination of character and values of a potential Master cannot be overstated, as a slaves live, health and wellbeing, might very well depend upon it.

A slave needs to be aware that in Absolute Slavery, or Absolute and Total Power Exchange, the Master has the right to change, alter, or modify his service requirements and expectations, at any time, for any reason, and at the Masters sole discretion.

A Masters values, character, principles, perceptions, etc. are therefore a must important consideration, as they do not change as easily as service requirements or kink.

Here are a few steps that might help the slaves in their process of selection:

  1. Be aware of your own desires, needs and dreams and write them down.
  2. Make a list of characteristics, values, principles and conditions that you consider most important in a Master.
  3. Make a list of characteristics and conditions that you consider undesirable in a Master.
  4. Write down possible scenarios of a Master slave commitment, that would be acceptable or desirable to you.
  5. Be aware and write down what you have or can offer a Master.
  6. Take the most important points from the previous lists, and write them together as a summary.

The summary should now honestly reflect exactly who you are, what your desires, needs and dreams are, and what kind of commitment and Master you are looking for.

Now go and find a Master that matches with your needs and desires, and once you found such Master, do not hesitate for one moment, to petition for service to the Master, and hope that the Master now in turn will chose to get to know you and ultimately will select you as his slave from the petitions he receives.

Don't be afraid of rejection. It is not only a process of selection, but also a process of elimination. If a Master chooses not to accept you as his slave, it might indeed be a good thing. A Master too, does know what he needs and desires. And if it doesn't fit for the Master or the slave, there is little point of trying to force it.

Anyone wishing to use this article on their site or mailing list may do so as long as the article remains unchanged and my name and email address remain on them. Giving credit where it belongs.


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