Knights vs. Gods
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Naturally, for most slaves and submissives it is a most desirable, pleasing and romantic thought and wish to find and serve ones “Knight in Shining Armor”. And finding ones “Knight in Shining Armor” is just what many have set out to do. It seems like total bliss and fulfillment lays in finding ones “Knight”. The “Knight in Shining Armor” becomes a goal, an expectation, even a dream. However, this thinking becomes a slave’s trap.

A Master is not a “Knight in Shining Armor”. More so then anything else a slave’s Master and Owner is a slave’s “God”.

The desire for a “Knight in Shining Armor” is in fact a purely selfish and ego-stroking desire, that leads the slave away from unconditional surrender or the letting go and demolishment of the ego. The dream about the “Knight in Shining Armor” is all about the slave.

A slave expects romanticized “protection”, the unrealistic elevation onto a “pedestal” and even being “courted” and “spoiled” by her “Knight in Shining Armor”, she might even get the notion and expect a romantic “lovers” relationship, like Romeo and Juliette.

Ultimately, the slave now makes those notions, conscious or subconscious, to conditions of her submission and obedience.

But if you want to be a slave, absolutely and unconditional and serve your Master and “God”, then you must let go of your ego, you must become selfless, and devote your life to your Masters wants and needs. A slaves only purpose is to serve and please her Master and “God”.

Don’t set conditions or expectations on your devotion, worship and service to your Master and “God”. A “God” is worshipped for being a “God”, may that be nice, shining or not.

”You have no right to expect to be respected, to expect love in 'return' for your slavery. You have nothing to expect, except that he will do as he pleases. You have no right to censor your slavery, or your thoughts or deeds.”

Quoted from kaylee’s excellent article “If you wanna be a slave…” an absolute must read for all:

Only in letting go of the ego and selfishness, only in unconditional surrender, can freedom, bliss and happiness in slavery be found.

“Worship thy Master, for He is thy “God”

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