Why A Masochist 2

Author: bittrswt{BP} © Feb. 11, 1999


The following is an email written by bittrswt as her response to some questions on masochism. I am posting her email here with her permission. These words are copyrighted to bittrswt and can not be used without her permission.

>For those of you who enjoy the sensation of pain, have you wondered why?

I enjoy the sensation of pain because it awakens my body....makes it feel alive...when my body is not feeling pain, it feels kinda numb, like there's nothing around me but when in pain it gives me a sense of being on a "higher plain"...like I'm actually living and not just a "figment of someone's imagination". <laugh>

>Are there certain kinds of pain you enjoy or don't enjoy?

I don't enjoy things like stubbing my toes, slamming my finger in a door, etc...the everyday pains that come from accidents but when it's done in an eroticized way then it's enjoyable to me.

>Does one's need for pain play increase?

I believe it does. When Master hasn't given me any pain in awhile it takes my body a few sessions to build up that pain stimulant again and it's hard for me to get into the mindframe but if he is giving me this pain in many sessions over much time then the need for my pain builds up where I want more. When I am totally stressed out and I am being bitchy and nasty to everyone around me, Master knows that it's time for a good long pain session. It's a time for me to be able to rip loose all the emotions that I've been building up over time, to just let EVERYTHING pour out. He knows I'm craving it and after that session I'm happy and ready to take on the world again.

>Is a masochist neccessarily a submissive? why/why not?

I don't feel that is true. I think a submissive can BE a masochist and vice versa but they're not one and the same. A submissive usually will take  the pain for a Master or Mistress's pleasure but they normally don't go out in search of the pain unless they are also a masochist.

>How do you view masochism in general?  why/why not?

I view a masochist as someone who needs, craves the pain in order to feel good, to get that "rush" to feel "alive"...without it they become tense, moody.


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