My Views On Submission

Author: Lorraine Casey © 2000


Submission is a gift. It can not be given all at once
like a bunch of freshly picked flowers. It must be
cultivated and nourished. While one may be naturally 
submissive, one does not naturally submit.

True submission comes from deep within the soul.
It travels through us, pausing at the heart,
where it then emerges through our physical
body and mind to our Dominant. It is my further 
belief, that you must love yourself first before you
 can serve another. 

Without trust, honor and integrity, you are wearing
a mask. While this mask may disguise you from others
it is your true reflection you must face under the mask.
Trust... is stronger than any rope or chain.

Submission is not something a Dominant can take.
It must be given or there can be no surrender.
It is with this frame of thinking that a submissive
should always remember how valuable her gift is.

I have the right to limitations and safety. The most
purest type of submission is that given with no thought
of oneself. if I am worried about my safety, then pure
submission is not obtained. I need communication, consent,
respect, safe word (gesture), and aftercare. When a
 submissives limitations are ignored, it is then 
that BDSM becomes abuse.


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