Why Do People Submit?

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This has to be a very personal and frequently asked question of those in the lifestyle. Very few seem to ask "why do you dom" but the submission thing blows their minds, is totally out there for many it seems.

People submit for differnt reasons within the various aspects of this lifestyle. Some submit for religious reasons, others for sexual, others yet because of a desire to serve, and some because they feel submissive to that person. Then there are those that submit for a mix of any and sometimes all of these reasons.
When asked this question, my answer is often a simple one..."Because I feel submissive to Wolf and Kedric" But it goes deeper than that. I submit to them because I feel
submissive to them, because they have awoken a need in me to
serve them, to put them before me. I submit to the flogger because I have found a desire to feel its touch. I submit to the discipline because I have found the need for that structure in my life. I submit to Wolf sexually, because I've found its something we both enjoy.

Am I sexually submissive? Yes, but that is something that only exists towards Wolf. Am I submissive in general..no, I dont obey others, I do however listen, take in what people might say and come to my own decisions. Can I see myself doing this for the rest of my life...no, but
then I gave up trying to foretell the future some time back. Its a dangerous game and fates always waiting to trip you up. Everyone finds their own reasons for submitting. They vary greatly. My reasons for submitting to Wolf are differnt to my reasons for submitting to Kedric. But one thing remains the same. I submit to them becuase I FEEL submissive to them.

To those looking for some secret to making someone submit to them, I have this to say. Close the book on your interest in the lifestyle...becuase you cant make someone submit to you , and still live a consensual lifestyle. No more than you can make someone Dom you.





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