Why I Want To Be Yours

Author: slave girl © 2001


Why do I want to be Yours

This lifestyle centres around trust - You I trust with my life - I have given my life to You. To have found love at the same time is something few of us manage.

As my owner - god I cannot begin to tell You why I wish to be yours - I can only describe my feelings - how I see things to be.

These things make me crave the life of Master/slave we are to have - they make me want you here with me now - I am giving you my all

Your needs will always come before mine, you will rule supreme - I will have to ask for anything - god I will have to come to you for money to buy the simplest things - without your permission I will have none. I will be dependent upon you for the most basic of necessities.

The wish to be seen by you as "a possession" grows stronger every time we are together - every time you treat me such the hunger grows.

My vision for my future as a slave is bleak - but you see this is how I want it.

You cannot begin to imagine how I feel about wearing Your mark on my body - a tattoo proclaiming me to be yours - to be a slave. My soul cries for the day when I will scream in pain as your mark is burned into my flesh - when we go beyond tattoos to a brand. When you brand me as you would cattle - for then I will know that you are going to keep me for life. I will know that truly I am yours.

To sit at your feet each day so that when I do look at you I will be looking up - to only come out of this position and sit beside you when "you drag me up by the hair" as you put it. To know that my most important role is to please you, to serve you, to ensure your happiness, to have my wants and needs pushed aside so yours may be met.

To know that one cold night you may wake beside me wanting to relieve yourself, yet not wanting to leave the comfort of the bed. Knowing that on such a night I may be told to go to your side of the bed and take your urine from you - so you may stay warm. Knowing I will hate this, yet knowing that I will do it - knowing too that one day you would wake to find me kneeling on your side of the bed waiting for the pleasure of being able to serve you thus.

Knowing that to sleep beside you is a privilege, one that could be taken from me at any time, that I could be made to sleep at the end of the bed as a dog would, or to sleep on a mattress on the floor - or god forbid outside. Knowing that each night you allow me to sleep beside you is an honour - a sign of your pleasure.
Knowing that each soft touch or caress you give me is a gift - a gift that can be revoked and replaced with pain.

Knowing that this body is yours to play with, to give to others, that even in love there will be times you see it as nothing more than an object to fuck, nothing more than something to use.

Knowing that even though I may cry in pain after a punishment I will thank you for in punishing me you are showing you care, you are making me into a better slave for you, a better person. Knowing this is what I want - to be the best I can for you. To be what you wish me to be.

Knowing there is nothing I would not do for you, that should you wish it I would stay on all fours so you could rest your book, your feet, anything on my body - to be used as furniture should you desire it. Knowing I have given you my body to use as you wish.

Knowing there may be times when I will not be allowed to walk beside you, that I may have to walk behind you. Knowing too, that there may be nights when even the privilege of walking on two feet as a human may be taken from me and I will crawl as an animal to do your bidding.

Knowing that at your whim I could lose the power of sight, movement, and speech, that in a few moments you could have me at your feet, unable to see, speak or move. That you could keep me like this for as long as you wished.

Knowing my body is yours to inflict pain on when you wish it, that you will hurt it because you want to, not in anger or as punishment, but because you want to. Knowing that the nights I beg for pain that this will be your decision.

Knowing you will know everything in my life, there can be no secrets, and you will have rights to all my thoughts, that as you own my body so you own my mind.

Knowing the degradation you will at times inflict on me, yet welcoming it, loving the loss of my humanity, loving the feeling of power coming from you.

Knowing true slavery.



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