Being A Service Submissive


Author: sens © 2001


This is taken (as written and posted) from a post by sens to an email discussion list. It is reproduced here with permission. Thank you sens!


I've been reading all the posts lately about a Ds relationship that doesn't include love or returned affection frm the Dominant. It's been a long time since I have been in such a relationship but I'll try to shed some light from the perspective of a female submissive.

As a service submissive, I have acted as maid, housekeeper, office assissant, nurse, body servant, and just a general sort of gofer. My pleasure and satisfaction came from knowing I was providing a needed service and pleasing the Dominant by doing my work. It was more of a hired help sort of
arrangement without the pay. Yes, at times, play occured but not often. I was there to serve and nothing else. Other submissives were available to the Dominant for "sexual" service and that was not anything I had to think about. There was no punishment, or discipline . . just service.

What appealed in it for me at the time was the mindset of doing very well at my tasks, from cooking gourmet meals to cleaning the fish tank and anything in between so to speak. The sense of accomplishment and goodness in serving gave me great joy. I knew I was doing my job well and my Dominant appreciated it greatly. There was no affection between us, just the control on his part . . He spoke I acted. Period. I admired him deeply and in some ways had great affection for him . . but never did I expect it returned to me. Sort of like worship from afar :)

THe mindset is in doing an excellent job, to follow directions and orders without question and to be available when needed for any task. I sort of liken it to being one heck of a servant. The ultimate servant. The devoted servant. The best analogy I can think of is being the super butler . . always at the ready . . always prepared . . totally dedicated to the job regardless of what it is.

Since those days I have moved on to a loving and giving relationship, but every once in a while I wander in my memories to those days. The contentment and joy I felt was very real and very fulfilling for me.


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