Submissive Positions

Author: Raven Shadowborne © 1997


Positions are the ways a dominant prefers their sub to stand, kneel etc. Not everyone uses formalized positions. But having at least a basic idea of what they are is, in my opinion, a good idea. The ones I list below are guidelines. As well, I have included the variances that I have heard of thus far. Only your dominant can set your positions if he/she desires them. As well, they may prefer positions that are not listed here. I present this list as general guidelines for your information only. 

Attention Positions:

     Standing: legs spread moderately, hands clasped at the small of the back, head up, eyes lowered
        variations: hands clasped behind neck, head bowed
     Kneeling: legs parted, ankles crossed, back straight, head up, eyes lowered, arms crossed
        behind back
        variations: head bowed, eyes raised, hands behind neck, buttocks on heels, back
        arched, eyes raised to the dominant
Spanking Positions:
     Over the knee (OTK) both hands and feet on floor
      variations: hands on back of neck, or small of back over the lap, inside leg held by dominant's legs, hands on floor

    straddling dominant's lap:  facing away from dominant, straddle his/her thighs, bent from waist, hands flat to floor, back arched to raise buttocks

        variations: hands grasping ankles
     standing: legs spread moderately, bent at waist, hands on legs below the knees
        variations: hands on knees, clasped behind neck, or partial squat
Crawling positions:
     Position 1: hands and knees, legs vertical and moderately spread, head bowed

     Position 2: knees and elbows arms stretched forward, legs slightly spread, back arched raising

        variations: hands grasping elbows (arms folded instead of straight)
           arms crossed (elbows to floor, hands pinching own nipples)
    Position 3: knees leaning forward face to floor..hands grasping ankles
        variations: chin to floor, hands grasped behind neck, hands grasped at lower back
Supine Positions:
     Face Down: laying face down, hands behind neck, legs spread widely
        variations; hands at lower back, laying face up with knees bent, legs together
             arms at sides, arms out to the sides, arms stretched over head
     Push up position: legs apart and arms extended buttocks raised

Kneeling positions:

     Attention (as above)

     Arched: on knees, back arched greatly, hands grasping ankles


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