Choosing A Mistress

Author: Mistress Michelle © 2003

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When choosing a Mistress try the following:

1. Trial and error

This probably would be the best way, but this would be the most expensive. I have a slave who spent over one hundred thousand dollars on Mistresses before he found the Mistress of his dreams. Who was she? You need to ask?

2. Letters or e-mail

This may be one way, however most Mistresses get flooded with tremendous amounts of mail. Therefore they cannot give a good response to your letter like they would like to. Some may, some may not, it is not a sure way

3. Checking various magazines and websites

This is not always a sure way but certainly one of the better ways to make contact. In the magazines some publications do not take the time to check adds. They want to sell magazines; they could care less if the person is real, just as long as they sell magazines. The only way is to stop this is to write to the magazine when you get ripped off. A lot of Mistresses mean well but some don't know what they are doing, be careful of ads. The same thing applies to websites. I would say 80% or more haven’t a clue what B&D is really about.

4. Physical Appeal

A great body and face are a asset. Qualifications are not based on looks! If you go to the doctor, do you refuse him because of his looks? You choose a doctor because of qualifications. Yes, great to have both, but that is not always necessary. Be leery of non-photo ads, you should know what your Mistress looks like.

5. Education, Experience & Equipment

A good Mistress doesn't necessarily have to have a PHD, but education is a asset when communication is important between the Mistress and slave. A educated Mistress will more than likely inquire into different areas of B&D, therefore is more than likely to do research in different areas. Knowing more about the subject thus makes her a good Mistress

Experience is a definite asset, the longer a Mistress has been into B&D, privately or professionally the more she has learned about slaves and needs of slaves. Providing she uses her experience and broadens it, striving to make it limitless.

Equipment is a great asset, a large well-equipped dungeon not only shows the Mistress's interest but it also sets a mood. However if you don’t use your equipment it is worthless.

So where do you begin, well I hope with me. Many slaves search for the Dominant of their dreams and this question still remains unanswered. Many searches through local and national magazines, websites, and the slave discovered that majority of those placing adds were phonies more interested in cash than practicing the highly sophisticated and developed art of domination. These slaves walk away disappointed and embittered as a result of their experience. But have also learned that there are better ways to seek out that true Mistress, better sources where true dominants advertise. One of those, of course is me! It has taken an odyssey to discover where the brightest star shines! Hope you find your shinning STAR!





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