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Every Master has different needs, wants and or desires. Here is where your focus needs to be. If you want to be the perfect pet, paying attention is your first step. Sometimes in life its the little touches that tell someone you care. If you stop for a moment and consider why you got into this life, it was probably to feel that complete connection to another human being. For most of us the kinky sex is just a bonus!!! Seriously, you can't be a slave unless you WANT to serve. Some refer to it as a burning in the belly. Back to paying attention though. Each Master is different and their needs are as diverse as the colors of a rainbow. As he talks, you learn. Doesn't that sound simple? Listen as the past is told, what things (note that we are addressing things here) were important. Is there a hint of what things are still important? How about the things he abhors? When he says that his last slave always forgot to have his favorite cereal in the house your "i love to serve" alarm should be ringing! How about when he says he is doing laundry because he can't stand towels unless they are big and fluffy and all of his are dirty. (Yes, girls, your alarm should be ringing) In passing, he tells you of a lighter that once was a favorite and he has not been able to find another one just like it. Your next move is to find out what was so special about that lighter so that if you ever see one, you have found the perfect gift. Now lets talk about how we can serve this Master. Never, never, never, run out of Wheaties or fluffy towels. Sound too easy? Every time I reach and find a big fluffy towel I know my slave is caring for my needs. Late at night when I am working, she brings me a bowl of Wheaties. Has my slave moved heaven and earth to get them for me? No, of course not, but she cares enough to make sure I never have to do without. If I reach someday and the towel isn't there I know she has begun to take my needs for granted.

Each Master shares their desires and need in different ways. In my home there is an hour set aside each day for just talking to my slave (we go way over that). We just discuss our life, our love for each other and snuggle. This time is not rife with structure it is our time to plan and dream and hope. We can share information and discuss our progress toward our goals. When I tell her what we are planning to do, she knows what things she must accomplish to make us successful. This gives her a chance in a loving environment to express and concerns she is carrying. We have on several occasions used this time to add to or modify our contract. There are many issues that have come up in our life together that were not covered in our contract or discussions when we entered into our relationship. Keep in mind that life is like that, it throws you a curve now and again. If you have a strong relationship those curves can be dealt with and put to rest before the harm is irreparable.

A good slave has to think about her shape and appearance. A Master should know without question that his slave is taking good care of his property. She should care for herself in a way that she will last a long time (haven't met a slave yet that came with a descent warranty). She should not abuse his other property, caring not to break a dish or plate, making sure his car has oil, his clothes are clean, his home is clean and on and on. When she cares for herself and her Master she should make sure each gets a proper diet and exercise. Just because he loves biscuits and gravy doesn't mean he should eat it everyday. Being overweight or underweight are both harmful in the long run. So care must be taken to provide healthy meals and a healthy environment. He may fight you on making doctors appointments for him but it is necessary. Make one for yourself also! You can't care for a Master properly if you are not healthy and he sure can't care for you.

Support his dreams. This doesn't mean you have to go along with every harebrained idea that comes to the surface. If he wants to go back to school and finish his education, how can you make that happen for him? If he wants to move to Fiji and sell hot dogs from a cart on the beach, be gentle. Ask questions. Maybe he will see this isn't the best idea to come down the path if you just ask the right questions. How much do hot dogs cost in Fiji? Is business seasonal and if so what do we do in the off-season? What is the cost of living in Fiji? Do we need a hot dog vendor license? How many hot vendors currently live in Fiji and what is their average annual income? In the end what do you do if he still wants to sell hot dogs in Fiji? That is up to you and the strength of your relationship. Please send us a postcard and let us know how it goes.

Surprise him. Most Masters will tell you that they don't like surprises. Those feelings usually stem from past bad experiences. Start small with a surprise. A back rub with a special oil you found that doesn't leave him smelling like a French whore. How about making his favorite meal on a weeknight and put a few candles on the table too. Turn off the phones when his favorite team is playing so he can watch the game uninterrupted. If it is his birthday, don't send strippers to his work. That is the type of surprise that Masters are generally not fond of! Do take him out some Friday night and buy him a lap dance or two at a strip club. Seems like a fine line there, but just use some common sense.






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